08 August 2011

Tutorial and Giveaway!--Closed

And the fabric winner is Em!  Congrats, Em, it looks like you've got a little girl who has an opinion!

* * *
Hello, lovely readers!  I have a Super Speedy Simple Skirt tutorial for you today.  Sometimes I complicate things when it comes to sewing, so I hope this will be a treat for those who are looking for a fast and easy project.  I have two clicks you need to do:
o1 For the skirt tutorial, hop on over to Shannon's blog, Luvinthemommyhood.  She is doing a series on sewing with knits.  Brilliant, no?
 o2  Then, for a chance to win some of the coolest knit fabric go here.  This is called "Wood Grain".  Perfect, right?  The winner will receive a yard of their choice of fabric.  These are the ruffle specialists, so it won't be hard to find something you love.  It will most likely be difficult to find something you don't love ;).
Thanks for clicking around today!

PS The $100 bodycology gift basket giveaway is still open if you haven't yet thrown your name in the hat...I'm jealous if you don't need lotion :0  Go here.


  1. katy,

    this is unrelated to your post..

    but i had a very specific dream about your future baby and said baby's gender. my dreams are typically flawlessly correct but in this dream, you kept kool-aid mix in your home and so i seriously question the dream's prophetic validity.

    anyway. it was a boy!
    and i got soap in clover's eye.


  2. so pretty Katy! I love the skirt so much. :)

  3. What a fun skirt Katy! Love the contrasting underlayer and the big bow. I'll have to try sewing in the elastic first sometime. :)


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