12 August 2011

Five and Feisty

 August is our busiest month with 3 (hopefully 4 ;) birthdays, our anniversary and school starting.  We like to pack it all in, I guess.  One thing my kids think is the best treat is breakfast in bed.  You know, anything out of the ordinary, even if it makes for crumbs in bed.
 Clover repeatedly asked to have her breakfast served to her in bed, but finally settled for sitting beside Azure's, accepting any morsel thrown her way, like a puppy.
 Azure requested balloons as well.  I love these simple (and easily fulfilled!) delights.
We headed out to the park to meet some friends, ladybug wings and all.
Although Azure has 2 years on her younger sister, her younger sister has 2 pounds on her.  It always makes for an interesting confrontation.  Clover can certainly hold her own.  These two have a love/hate relationship and I fear Clover will be heartbroken when her "sisters", as she lovingly calls them, return to school.  After lunch is when she always starts asking, Can we pick up my sisters now?
And yes, those are snow boots Clover chose to wear to the park where we were all sweating like a freshly taken shower after 15 minutes of being there.  It's exhausting to have so many strong opinions all the time, but also makes for amusing stories to tell Ryan come pillow time.
Azure especially gets over-heated and sunburnt easily: Our little cheery cherry Azure.
 But, of course, it was worth it to be with friends.
 She requested a white cake with raspberries.  


Our favorite feisty, friendly, fun-loving, frank, freckled five year old:
A whole handful of fingers!
Love you, Azooray. 

* * *
Do you love those metal letters?  I am digging the uniqueness instead of the usual fabric buntings you see everywhere.  I think they would also be neat hung individually, but that might take a while.  You can get any combination of letters from my parents' etsy shop here.  I figured all I have to do is change the number! (unless, of course, this little baby dill happens to be a boy...)

* * *
Also, the $100 gift basket giveaway is open just 2 more days!


  1. Beautiful cake. Beautiful Day!

    Wow, and 2224 Followers...I think I have like 40! Maybe your kids are cuter than mine?

  2. Looks like a great birthday (: Love the metal banner.

  3. Eli likes to wear his snow boots too!

  4. Happy Birthday, Azure! 5 is fun. Is she starting kindergarten next week(ish?). My little one starts too.

  5. What a fun day! Happy birthday Azure!

  6. The freckles are so yummy!

    My third son knows how much I love his!!!!

    Happy Birthday Azure!

  7. how sweet and that you made everything so special for her. :) outdoing us all again supermom!

  8. Happy Birthday... or a happy whole sixth year, Azure! :o)

  9. What a delightful little girl (as are they all!) and a gorgeous cake!!! August is a GREAT month, fingers crossed xxx

  10. Looks like a fantastic birthday! Love the cake and the banner!

  11. yay for azure! yay for the banner! and breakfast in bed!

    clover has me rolling with her puppy-likeness and her moon boots!


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