23 July 2011

May it be a boy.

Look at these mugs.  I couldn't choose just one to post.  
Be thankful I only posted 3.
I mean, every single one...with a pose!  Divine was the hairdresser.
And Olive?  Where do they learn these things?
While they enjoyed torturing playing with their father, I attempted to take a photo of this pregnant body of mine.  When I was 20 weeks I told Ryan that I wanted to document this pregnancy.  Yes, a photo every single week.  My measly record of 3 or 4 documented weeks might accentuate my inability to follow through.  Or maybe I'm just busy.  Yes, let's go with the latter.  Please.

Then, as I watched these girls just eat up their dad, I decided this baby is going to be a boy.
It must be a boy because Ryan has his girls who do everything in their power to get his attention and give him the utmost adoration in return.  I think I deserve a boy.
But, alas, that's not how this world works.  We usually don't get what we think we deserve.  That, plus I thought every single one of these girls was a boy before holding them in my arms.
But don't boys adore their mothers?  That's the idea I've got going in my mind.  One more month, give or take, to go.
My poolside projects.  Must always have a project.
The above is close to completion.  Monday?
Ryan felt bad that I was doing my pregnancy documentation alone and in a reflective window :)  Does this one make me look like a bee?
I had the camera on the "multiple shots" setting and Ryan's finger must be heavy.  I had lots to choose from.  Thanks, love.
Those hazel eyes.

Commanding the water.

Ryan said something funny, which I wish I could remember right now.  Sure am fond of that guy.


  1. What beautiful photos! You look amazing!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I love Daddy's and there girls:) Where were your other littles?

  3. Not knowing the sex of our baby, I thought it was a girl my entire pregnancy, until the last week. And indeed, it turned out to be a boy! May your child above all be healthy...

  4. looks like a boy belly to me! I keep praying my next (whenever that may be) will end up my girl, so I know the feeling, praying for a blessed and healthy baby no matter the gender, but sending blue wishes your way! I have enough of those, feel free to send some pink ones back ;)

  5. Those girls are too beautiful ... you better hope this one is a big burly boy that can threaten a few of the suitors that are sure to come knocking!

    And you look amazing!

  6. Beautiful photos! Boys do love their mommas. You are their first true love ;).

  7. I love baby belly pictures :). I thought I posted too many when I was pregnant, so I'm glad to know I'm not alone in wanting to document that time in our lives. Next time we will do weekly photos as well ;)!

  8. What beautiful girls! I love the poses-such personality. And hello-you look amazing!!!!

  9. You are the best photographer! I don't know what you looked like during your last 3 pregnancies but if I were a betting woman I think you look like you are carrying a boy and I have never been wrong when I guessed, just sayin. :) I have 3 boys and a girl, she was worth the wait! :)

  10. I love your "Bee" picture ;) Very cute!

  11. You look amazing for only one month to go! I have 2.5 more months and I am already getting the "you look like you are ready to pop" comments. Boys are lots of fun, but my boys ADORE their father. Mommy stays home and yells at them too much for fighting/biting/wrestling/hitting, etc.

  12. Katy, you look awesome!! I've got 6 weeks to go - I don't usually go early so I'm assuming it will be at least that long.

    I hope it's a boy for you!! Yes, yes, a healthy child is always a blessing, but it's fun to think about something different and new, right?

    I'm really hoping our little guy loves his mama because my girls are like yours - they love me because I am always with them and take care of them, but they LOVE their daddy in a whole different way. It's fun to see.

    Enjoy your last month of pregnancy - can't wait to find out what you end up having!!


  13. Boys do adore their mothers! When I was pregnant with my son someone told me that and I thought it was silly. Didn't my daughter love me already? Of course she does, but when my son was born I learned what the mother/son relationship was. I call him my cuddle bug. I love having my girls and my boy. Personally, I am hoping for a girl for you b/c every mommy deserves one of each. Of course another girl would be a precious blessing too!

  14. What gorgeous photos!! You look awesome.

  15. I had two boys first and two girls six years later. The boys are teenagers now and the girls are littles. When they were little we did everything together and now that they are older they seem to watch over my well being.An endearing quality. The boys help out a lot, but really like their scouting adventure time with their dad. Best wishes!

  16. Yes, it is true. Boys adore their mothers. Mine dote on me and dish out lovely compliments and pick me flowers (from places they probably shouldn't) for me all the time, and oh do they love to cuddle their mamma! I'm hoping you have a boy just so I can see what cute things you can create for the other gender for a change. But then again...I'm not sure I've ever seen a family with such a bevy of little beauties (every one of them!), so you seem to have quite a knack for this girl thing!

  17. I have 3 girls who adore their daddy. I always wanted a boy so I could have a child who adored me. My son is 19 months old and he is definitely adoring me! I can understand where you are coming from and I hope you have a boy!

  18. You must keep having babies, cuz you are the lovliest pregnant lady ever.

    Boys do love their mommas, that's for sure! And boy do I love mine! Can't wait to see what you're having!

  19. Yes...those hazel eyes!

    You look stunning, BTW.

    mrs boo!

  20. You have such a beautiful family!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, having recently found it through the Google (I'm using your jammie fixer tutorial!)
    These pictures of you are simply stunning. Your radiance is entrancing!

  21. Hi Katy!! I love your bracelets! Can you do a tutorial on the bracelet you are working on in this post? (the one that's not the ruffle bracelet--I already bought the ruffle tutorial and LOVE it). Thanks!

  22. The girls are just darling and you look so beautiful and well. Best of luck in the coming weeks x

  23. Wow, you look fantastic girl!!! I do wish I had taken more shots of my belly when I was busy growing babies! I have two boys, but was never confident enough to spend much time in swimgear other than to attend my aquabics class, lol!
    Anyhow, I just want to admit to being a "lurker" who checks in often but rarely leaves comments. I found you via Dana at MADE and just adore all the fab photographs you share! You have such a beautiful family - may you be blessed with a little boy this time around. I am the proud mama of two boys and we definitely adore one another. I hope the hugs never stop coming (they are nine and six.)
    Shanna :)

  24. First: You look fabulous!!

    I have two boys and a girl (she was a surprise all around). It's true boys have a special bond with their mama. They are so affectionate and loving. You are always their first love. Though I've heard daughters end up being life-long friends when they grow older. It's fun to speculate especially knowing boy or girl when that precious one gets here you wouldn't trade it for the world.

  25. Katy you look amazing ! Gorgeous photos of your oldest and also pretty children.

    Lovely blog !

    Take care :)
    Greetings from Belgium !

  26. Your pictures are amazing as always and you look even better! I completely know what you mean with the little boy thing. I have one of each and yes, little boys do adore their moms. Here is a quick little story. When I was pregnant with him, they told us he was a girl. We got ready for a girl. Well we didn't know until he came out. It would be nice to add a sweet boy to your family.

  27. Wow...What a beautiful post. I love the what can be read through the pictures-Pure love and joy.

    PS You are so stinkin' cute with that belly of yours!

  28. Boys adore their mummys just as much as girls do their daddys! Quite often my little one can be found beside me in the kitchen or garden and my daughter is off down the farm checking on chooks with her dad.

    Your family is just beautiful and I love reading your blog, Huge fan!

  29. You look fabulous Katy! So glad to see that bump!
    And I can't wait to see what you are working on.

  30. I love baby bump photos, you look beautiful.

  31. Yes, Seth is ALWAYS up for a snuggle with his Mama. But, girl or boy, he (or she) will fit right in with that handful of girlies.

    PS You look great.
    PPS Lucy was looking at that picture of her on Gammy's balcony at sunset in that dress and said, "I want to go back there!"

  32. Love the upside down hair dip in the pool shot. Love the girls attached to the hair. Love the pregnant woman and the handsome father.
    The grampa goes on the record.
    IT'S A BOY!

  33. So beautiful!

    I kept reading about your project bags and how you always have something with you in case you have a few minutes. I finally started this and I have been able to do so much hand embroidery. Even it's a few stitches (and they're not perfect), it still makes me so happy. The best part is I'm not craving that creative time so much and wanting to "escape from the kids" since I get these mini breaks all the time. The key was the planning, which was a challenge for me.

  34. If we could only look as good as you with a bun baking in the oven. :)

    Great pictures.

    And...I have two boys who both absolutely adore their father. I think dad's just have a special magic about them. :)

  35. Oh my!!!!!!!!! You look so gorgeous! Wowsa! Now I know why you have so many babies...look at you hot momma! You are positively glowing! So radiant!

  36. I saw your niece on yahoo and took the link showed the video interview on GMA. I said, to my 15 yrs old daughter, "Hey this is my friends niece... the one I told you about!" My daughter started laughing and said"you don't even know that lady that you Blog-stalk". She is right, but through your blog, I feel like I know you and your sweet family of beautiful girls! I ran across your blog and thought you had a special glow. It wasn't long until you bore your testimony, that I knew you and I share the same faith. It is funny how things work out. We must have known each other before, you seem so familiar to me. Your blog is filled with beautiful ideas and wonderful works. Thanks for shining so brightly.
    Kathy Rex
    So California

  37. We are so lucky to have two girls and two boys; and I will definitely say my boys are my sweet hearts! I adore each in their different way.
    I hope your pregnancy goes along smoothly with a fat, healthy baby at the end! You look amazing.

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  39. You are a cute Pregnant lady. I wish I still had any desire to wear a bathing suit after 6 mons. I have one boy and one girl my little boy just turned three and my daughter is 18 months. My daughter is defiantly more affectionate although my son has his "sweet" moments too.

  40. Hello friend! I'm finally catching up on blogs. Your tummy is way too cute.
    And I have a dumb question...where is your daughter's red/white striped suit with aqua trim from? I saw a girl wearing it at our pool the other day and loved the color combo. I need!
    Thanks :)
    hope you're surviving the heat!
    - Dana


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