30 July 2011

140 Beats Per Minute

Thank you for the birthday wishes!  It's been a wonderful one.  
I saw my midwife yesterday.  I like to get in and out, especially with all 5 baby dills in tow.  
We listened to this baby's heartbeat (140 BPM) and it happened to have the hiccups, so there was a small, consistent little bump every other second.  I loved it.  This one has had small, but constant wiggles the whole time.
I'm trying not to wish away this time, this final month where all discomforts are at their peak, with aches and pains to make me aware of all the body parts I take for granted in my unpregnant state.  Heavy Laden is all too familiar.
I think my family might be tired of seeing me in my same white skirt, rotating through the few shirts that still fit over my belly and long enough to reach my waistband.   (My favorites?  Only 9 bucks, found here.)
I'd live in my swimsuit, though, if it wasn't rather inappropriate to go pool clad to the grocery store.  
We are keeping busy, though, not just twiddling our thumbs, waiting for this little one to join us...except we kind of are.  The anticipation is part of what I love, if that ache is going to turn into something more, not knowing if I'll wake in the middle of the night, or be carrying a watermelon in from the car when this baby decides to begin the journey of joining our family.  I've never had my water break on it's own and admit to wanting that experience, but I had such a perfect delivery last time, I can't complain.
Meanwhile, I thought I found a good sewing project for my girls, to keep them busy when it's just too hot to go outside.  Turns out, it's not--it's more requests for me.  I'll share next week. 
I think this baby likes the hum of my sewing machine, or am I making it up? ;)


  1. Miss Katy thank you for sharing your gorgeous family and daily thoughts. Many blessing for a wonderful birth.. Smiles...Renee

  2. Ok, well last week seeing your body I predicted a boy but that heart beat sound like a girl. Whatever it is it will be beautiful and certainly ushered in with love from many! I just love your photos and the way you write! Happy Saturday!

  3. Oh how I wish I'd known about those t-shirts a few weeks ago - I spend 80% of my time pulling t-shirts back down over this 41 week belly...and wear the same grey skirt nearly every day.
    I'm feeling your joy and discomfort! Come on, babies!

  4. I cant believe I forgot to say happy birthday!- so katy, Happy late birthday!
    These beautiful pictures of the sea make me soo desperate to get on a train and go to the beach!

  5. Gorgeous photos as always! That last month of being preggo kinda stinks, but you'll have a sweet baby in your arms in no time :)

  6. Ha! I hear ya on the wardrobe! I have these two certain dresses that I could live in all day everyday - I'm sure the hubs. is getting a little tired of them. But with five weeks left, I'm all about the comfort.

    I'm guessing boy! My little guys heartbeat is 140-150 and my girls were always 160 or higher. I know that's an old wives tale, but it's fun to think about!

    Good luck this last month - I'm sure you're so excited to meet your new little one :-)

    Talk soon,

  7. love this post katy. and beautiful pics. I'm glad you're cherishing these last days in your pregnancy, it seems like it's always the part everyone just wants to skip over. And now that we're pretty much done having children, I think i'll miss those days most.

  8. i'm certain your baby loves the sound of your sewing machine...she'll probably have made her own quilt in there :) assuming it's a girl, of course.

    btw: are you in nc? we just visited the outer banks in june and LOVED it! gorgeous place! just wondered with your sweet little neice if you were in nc too? hope she's recooping well!

  9. You can totally go to the grocery store in a swimsuit; people will just assume you're heading to the pool right after and give you a pass :P


  10. I have been cruising by your blog for a while and enjoy it immensely.
    I would bet you are having a boy. ONly time will tell. Blessing to you & your family as you get ready to deliver.

  11. Hi Katy, I'm sure your unborn babe loves the hum of your sewing machine. And it will probably soothe him or her off to sleep once he or she is born.
    I always loved the sound of my mother's dress-making scissors cutting fabric on the dining table and making a very satisfying crunching sound amplified by the table. It wasn't until I was leaning my pregnant belly against a cutting table at fashion school, cutting fabric with the same scissors that I realized why I loved that sound so much. I had been hearing it since before I was born. When my mother was expecting me she was nesting and whipping up baby sheets and clothes with fervor. I think it's wonderful that we can suliminally recall an experience from the womb.

  12. Your birthday looked and sounded lovely; happy wishes! I am so enjoying the updates and beautiful photos and look forward to each new post. Here's hoping you feel good, sleep well!

  13. I love all the photos you share! You definitely have a photographer's eye.

  14. How exciting, that you get to be surprised with this baby! We have always been surprised with our five. Wish you the best birth ever! Beautiful pics!

  15. Can I eat Clover for lunch? She's too flippin' cute!

  16. Love Cloves and her castle crown!


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