16 June 2011


Ryan took the morning off and we awoke the girlies 5 early for some blueberry picking.
Azure has been looking forward to this for days, asking each day if it's blueberry picking day yet.

The rain poured the whole way there.

We made the trek, trying to keep the peace among the troops.  I have to say I wasn't very successful.

They like to "push each other's buttons", also a new favorite saying of all of them.
We arrived, only to discover our beloved blueberry farm was not open.
They all voted to go see a movie instead.
We informed them that movie theaters weren't open at 8 in the morning.
We were all disappointed to have to return home sans blueberries, but on our way home we stopped at a farmer's market for mangos, peaches, and melon.
My kids don't take a change in plans very well.
But that's a lesson that is best learned at an early age.  Things rarely go as planned.
And usually our plan is not our plan at all.
We will try again, to fill our buckets full of sweet, juicy, FRESH blueberries.
But we won't let our brief hinderance keep us from enjoying the sweetness we have in our hands right now.


  1. Oh man! No blueberries! Remember how last year they were all picked? Hopefully you'll get some this year and make soup. If you haven't, you MUST make the canteloupe smoothie on Jordan's blog. I'm obsessed in the way only a pregnant woman is obsessed with something that tastes so refreshing and I'm not even pregnant! I love those girls of yours!

  2. What a bummer ... those kinds of surprises aren't fun with a pile of kids in tow.

    I hope you get a chance to go back soon.

  3. Breathtaking photos! Sorry about the blueberries : (

  4. Love the pictures and life lessons you're teaching your little ones. Sorry about the blueberries. :(

  5. You just need to take a little road trip north to the coast of South Carolina and help me pick the berries in my yard. I would love to have all of ya'll here and the girls can play with the wee one here! I'll have the iced tea ready.

  6. Jessica-I can't believe you remember that! Supposedly they are just dripping with blueberries since it was so sparse last year--and yes blueberry soup, and I have been doing cantaloupe frozen yogurt lately--YUMMO!

    Randi-I know. I may have to go without Ryan...shhh! Don't tell him!

    Kelly-Thank you! I know they don't go with my story, but I wanted to share them anyway.

    Emily-Thanks. I'm much better at preaching than practicing.

    Tracey-Sounds delightful! I'm jealous you've got them growing in your very own backyard! Our peaches were from your neck of the woods :)

  7. What a beautiful family you have...wonderful pictures!

  8. I have been enjoying your blueberry soup recipe this summer...one of my absolute favorites! Hopefully the baskets will be full soon. I know what you mean...rarely do things ever go as planned :)

  9. gorgeous. reallly.

  10. Such sweet pictures!
    And congrats to you if I have not said "congrats" already!

    mrs boo

  11. what beautiful pictures! where do you live that you can have the forest/berry picking and the beach in one day?

  12. I made myself a grown up version of the racer back tank and love it! What sweet patterns.


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