04 April 2011

Two Tutorials for You!

Welcome Luvinthemommyhood readers!  
And welcome as always to my no big dill readers ;)  

Do you ever get tired of trying to get hydrated enough on just water, especially during the warmer months?  As much as I love the straight-up-H2O, sometimes I just need something to sweeten the deal. This definitely fits the prerequisites.  It is one of the most refreshing drinks.  
We like to make a double batch to have on hand.
  • 5-7 sprigs fresh rosemary
  • 3/4 cups sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 1/2 cups peach nectar
  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • dilute with about 1 cup of water, or to taste
  • ice

Bring sugar and 1 cup water with rosemary to a simmer.  Simmer for 10 minutes.  Add remaining ingredients, tasting as you go, to get it just right.  You know, not too sweet, just enough lemon juice.
Make sure you use peach nectar.  Peach juice won't give it enough peachy-ness.  Ryan and l like to joke about this particular brand.  If you happen to get your hands on some luscious peaches, please feel free to add them for the most authentic peach flavor.  And freshly squeezed lemon juice is the best, but it's still awfully good with bottled.
Now hop on over [please] to Luvinthemommyhood to see my "Hands Off My Picnic Blanket" Tutorial.  I've crawled in the boxing ring in Comfy Sews vs. Cozy Knits.  


  1. oh yum! this looks so great to make. We need a little summer here in New England after our snow last week! Thanks for posting. LOVE your photos :)

  2. Delish!

    I’ll be whipping up a batch of this, this summer for sure! Love your little grey and white straw!

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  3. I always love your blog headers and the pictures you use, you are such a talented photographer AND designer, I am always blown away!

  4. Peach tea is like my alltime favorite drink and a lot of times when I make green tea for me, I'll add some of the kids white grape and peach juice to it to pretend like I've got peach tea! You better believe some peach nectar will be in my cart the next time I'm at the grocery store. Can't wait to try it!!!

  5. We live on mint lemonade iced tea in the summer and I've been looking for something new. I can't wait to try this - especially since I have a garden full of rosemary.

  6. Looks refreshing. You look beautiful!

  7. Thanks for joining in my dear! Love ya!

  8. I was just thinking about some yummy lemonade today. This is one of our favorites along with strawberry basil lemonade and blueberry lavender lemonade...SO refreshing! Must make some...LOVE SPRING/SUMMER!

  9. That sounds so good! Love your new blog header. You look gorgeous in that picture too!!

  10. I love this tutorial. I'm pregnant again so no caffeine and no artificial sweeteners and I am so sick of plain water. I'll definately be making this. Thanks!

  11. Yum! This drink looks so refreshing and delicious! I'm loving the new header, too! I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime, www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com

  12. I have just fallin' in love with your blog!

  13. Yummers!
    I love the Looza bottles. I like to repurpose them. I usually just put water with lemon slices. The wide neck makes them much easier to clean (put in the dishwasher).

  14. Yummo! Loved your photos.

  15. I got addicted to all things "nectar" in Portugal on my mission. I think the brand is the same but they came in boxes. It was heaven on hot days.

  16. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I want to try this drink blended with ice and heavy cream! I love rosemary! I love to rub the stems between my fingers to transfer the fragrance onto my skin. Of course, then I look like a weirdo, walking through plant nurseries, sniffing my fingers. But, I can't help myself; a girl's got to sniff!

  17. I finally tried this recipe today after a long run outside. It was a perfectly refreshing. I'm sure I will be making it a lot more.


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