08 April 2011

April: National Garden Month

Did you know it's National Garden Month?  I love me a good, obscure holiday.  I thought I'd share two of my favorite gardening [plus a whole lotta other neato stuff] blogs that I frequent to celebrate.

The first:
I don't remember when I first stumbled upon Crackers, but when I read the caption underneath, I thought, yes!, that's exactly what I did one day when I decided to make graham crackers.  They had me hooked.  At Crackers, you get to go on field trips, 
like seed shopping, 
or to a nearby farm to learn more about cattle and growing one's own milk supply.
Melanie and Jesse are the two bus drivers of said field trips that include beautiful photos, informational words and sources, and general love of all things natural.
They even sometimes slip in culinary tips.
You don't just get crackers, it's always a feast when you visit.

The second blog was just recently started by my sister, Jordan, called Sweat Bread: Getting Hands Dirty in Soil and Supper.
She takes you on adventures in cooking and gardening as well at her Cicada Cottage.
She includes her very own egg producing pets,
scrumptious recipes that call for straight-from-the-garden-so-fresh-they-still-have-bugs-crawling-on-them ingredients,
and the fruits of her green thumb.
And I'm not biased, okay, maybe just a pinch, but I wish she cooked for me.  Every night.

What are your favorite gardening blogs?

PS I've got a fun giveaway coming up on Monday you won't want to miss.


  1. Where do you learn all the monthly national holidays?
    I'm loving Jordan's new blog, too. Are you going to do a garden-inspired sewing month?

  2. Ann-hehe! No, there will be no garden-inspired sewing month here. Perhaps next? :) I have other plans up my sleeve for now.

  3. I'm with you. I wish she could cook for me every night too.

  4. THANK YOU for the blogs! i follow backyard farming... we just got 5 hens a month ago

  5. Fun blogs! I especially like the dirty hands one.

  6. Thanks Katy! Crackers is definitely a new favorite - I just read through almost the whole thing. And I love Jordan's blogs/recipes.

  7. Ooooh...I love this post! I am itching to get my hands in some dirt. My favorite gardening blog right now is A Sonoma Garden. Beautiful! http://asonomagarden.wordpress.com/

  8. Love the idea of a garden inspired sewing month! My husband is off shopping for boards for garden boxes 3&4 as we speak - dying for a little summer sun! My favorite garden blog is by Portland blogger Willi Galloway - http://www.digginfood.com/. Its always beautiful, simple and fun! Highly recommend!

  9. Wow, wow, and wow. I love these photos - especially the snout shot (!) and the fruit punnets!

  10. I am loving Sweat Bread too!


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