01 March 2011

LiEr Pattern Winners!!

**A bit of clarification: You only need to leave a comment on the giveaways throughout the month to be entered. The Flickr group is just for fun for those who want to join in and play along and will be included in the daily posts as a round-up!**

Blogger Katy said...What a combo! Two of my favorite blogs coming together for book inspired crafting! I feel like I have died and gone to sewing heaven. I would love to win an Ikatbag pattern. I already have the chicken pattern. I am not sure I could decide between the other two. What an absolutely wonderful problem to have. Fingers crossed!

Blogger debra lynn said...I loved those chickens since LiEr first put them out on her blog, AND Lowly. My daughter would love the house, so it would be a difficult choice. I have NO idea what to make based on a book, yet. Maybe some tooth fairy type pillow for my son. We have SO many favorite kids books. Skippy Jon Jones, anything Mo Williams and they love all my vintage Busy Town books from the 1970's!
Blogger Lucy said...I am over the moon about that toadstool pattern. I love ikatbag!
Congratulations, you three!!  Contact me, unless I contact you first! [It's a race!]
And we have fun things to look forward tomorrow!


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