07 February 2011

Weekend Ends

Not that anything spectacularly grandiose happened this weekend, and perhaps it was just me, but I loved it. We had a walk on freshly rained upon pavement, a bit of sleeping in, pumpkin pancakes, and local strawberries and cream.
Ryan stayed home from church with the sick stragglers, which I secretly love because he always makes dinner, too.  [obviously not enjoyed to the same degree by others.]
He made a loaf of Jim Lahey's bread with kalamata olives [for me] and walnuts and we topped it off with some Plugra goodness, [we later revisited this snack in bed]
and some freshly squeezed clementine juice [from the clementines we picked earlier in the week.]
Of course there were complaints about pulp, soup, andandand, but I told Ryan it was my best meal ever.
He laughed and didn't believe me.
I've finally kicked my cold and feel I'm running at 96.5% now, which makes a difference.
I have vowed to declutter, organize, and take inventory of this household of mine.
The rest of the sickies are on the mend and will all be sent back to school so I can get to thinning out unneeded possessions.  
And did you know, we discovered this one is no longer a baby.  How sad is that?  She's quite the engaging conversationalist.  Just ask all the strangers she's not supposed to talk to.  
I'm looking forward to our previously scheduled one on one time, because it's nice to be loved by such a body, stickiness and all.


  1. what a sweet post! your pictures invited me into your family for the weekend - felt so intimate. thank you.


  2. hmmmmm clementine juice..... :)

  3. That looked like a killer loaf! Kudos to Ryan. Wished I could have had a slice or two with a slather of plugra and a tall glass of juice with you. Maybe next month? Ryan will you bake again while we are there?
    Love you all!

  4. I know a great way to declutter - move. Come to North Carolina with us!

  5. I love a quiet weekend! Your girls are adorable, even when they are sick. I couldn't help but notice your Stendig calendar. I have one, too, and can't live without it. Can't wait to see your next sewing project, especially if you are now operating at 96.5%!

  6. Oh Katy could you please share where you got that fantastic sequined mickey t-shirt? Because I have a little girl that would absolutely flip out if I found her one in a Minnie version. Like I can't even imagine how many days in a row she would wear it before I put my foot down and pried it off of her. Your girls are beyond gorgeous and I'm so glad you are feeling better!

  7. With baby girl #3 on the way, these pictures make my heart happy. :)

  8. Katy--so glad you had a great weekend. I agree with your dad--we need that bread when we come. Can't wait to see you.

  9. i want to have an engaging conversation with that face.

  10. wha?? why are all the 2 year-olds changing? what happened to clover's cheeks? tell the rest of them i miss them to pieces.

  11. You and your girls are so beautiful!

  12. I've been wanting to declutter for five months now but I've decided the only way it's going to get done is if I pack it all up & if after 2 months we haven't retrieved any of it then off it goes. Easier said then done when little girls simply love trinkets :)

    Thanks for the 'go to sites' I've never even heard of CB2...great stuff!

  13. I love to not read your blog for several days and then come and drink it all in. It's like a big long dessert. Love your writing...but more so the way you put words together.

  14. Jade--the (very expensive) Mickey t-shirt was bought at Disney World last year, as Pearl, who refused to wear anything else that particular morning, wore a long sleeved (black, if I'm not mistaken) shirt that was just too hot. We caved and bought her this from the gift shop. We're suckers.

    jayniemoon--you've always been kind to me.

    lovely by m--that was a most delightful compliment indeed! Thank you.

  15. Another lovely day in the life post! I want that bread and that juice! NO wonder it was your favorite meal.


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