01 February 2011

An Out

I don't know about your kids, but my baby dills can be Stuuuubborn
When Divine was a toddler she would guzzle milk like it was better than cookies or flourless chocolate cake [although it does go nicely with either.]  We would have to limit her intake, eventually, as we worried she was getting too much.  Is that possible?
Once she graduated from the sippy cup, however, she wouldn't touch the stuff.
Lately we've been trying to up her calcium intake and have requested she drink milk again.
Not a happy girl.  First there would be a loud howl of protest, then she would collapse in a heap, as though she had no bones [ironic, no?]  Next would come the pout and the cheek resting on a clenched fist, like she was coaxing her skin to mold over and around her hand.
In short: drama.  Every single time.  Even with cookies.  Or flourless chocolate cake with a side of raspberry sauce and maybe a lightly sweetened dollop of whipped cream.  I digress.
One evening at dinner I said to her, you know, Divine, when I was your age, I really liked to put ice in my milk to make it really REALLY cold.  Some people think it's strange, but I liked it that way.
Chirp. Chirp.
Would you like to try it that way?  Sure.
She drank it without pulling vomit face or major protest.
Sometimes we dig ourselves into a hole.
And sometimes we all just need an out,
because stubbornness might be genetic.
photos of our weekend, out getting fish tacos and onion rings


  1. Ha, I get that. When I got pregnant my kind and loving mother smiled at me and said, "And I hope you have at least one child that is as bad as you were." And I did. Tadaa! The current method of staging protest when she's been sent to her room is to send out an army of zhu-zhu pets through a slightly cracked door. I think they're supposed to find me and learn me one?
    She cracks me up, even when she's trying to be a bum.

  2. with fear of sounding a know it all mom, i still hope it can be taken as "from a mom who cares to another mom".
    so, doing my research find out that our bodies cant absorb the calcium in the milk.
    one good way to obtain calcium is through homemade bone broths.
    coconut milk has more nutritional values than cows milk.
    hope you give it a try.
    i dont like cows milk either. it makes me sick to my stomach. :/

  3. My sister and I also complained quite a bit about drinking milk as kids, even though my mom made us drink it every night with dinner. Years later we found out that we were both lactose intolerant. Not a real problem, we never got sick, but I guess there was a reason we just didn't like milk. We were also particularly stubborn though, and there is no proof that we didn't just develop the lactose intolerant later and simply wanted juice with our dinner. We are Jewish though, and there is a much higher incidence of lactose intolerance among Jews than others and we've found out since that most of my cousins are lactose intolerant too.

  4. I am going to steal that if you don't mind. I am having trouble getting one of my four daughters to drink milk. If it works I owe you big!!!!

  5. I'll go for the fish tacos and onion rings!

  6. That is great. I love those mothering moments when the skies clear and an answer comes raining down. I'm praying for that moment with my stubborn 6 year old. I'll keep you in mind while I wait for the sunshine. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have a girl like that too!She is so stubborn.
    Lorchick... my mil always commented how my husband needed children just like him. and we do have them, but its funny how knowing what they're going through makes it easier to deal with them.
    My oldest daughter is just like me. My mom keeps telling me how I deserve it. I just tell her how I am dealing with it, the space I give her, helping meet my daughters needs lol

  8. Haha. I've always drank my milk with ice in it! Still to this day. I hate when my milk gets warm.

    I am not looking forward to times like this - I KNOW my son will be ridiculously stubborn. Because both his father and I are crazy stubborn. It'll get interesting, I'm sure!

  9. i LOVE milk.
    i would drink it all day if i could.
    My kids are the same way- we have to ration.
    so funny:O)
    you are right about an out. sometimes they need a little help, that's all.

  10. Thanks for the concern about Divine. She doesn't complain that her stomach hurts, but lactose intolerance is certainly something I should bring up with the pediatrician. Two of our girls drink almond milk as they get constipated very easily, but the rest of us really like our milk. Don't judge us.

  11. I know ALL about stubborn children, my 4 year old has a will of her own to be sure - but I can still bend it my way when needed with 'outs'. But my 1.5 year old - NO WAY. She has a will of STEEL I tell you. I am in awe. Will be very interesting growing up...

  12. Hi Katy, this post resonated with me (as so many of yours do) since the need for an out is something I notice in my kids. Thankfully none of mine are serious liers (the odd little fib here and there) and one day I noticed that someone had used half a bottle of MY baby oil (I was expecting my twins at the time, so I NEEDED this on my stomach in the shower every day!). When I asked (without shouting) all three denied using it. I worked out pretty quickly who it was but the culprit refused to own up. Which becomes lying, which is my all time least liked behaviour. So I said that until someone owned up, they were all grounded, once the culprit confessed they'd get grounded for two days and that was it. Culprit sidled up to me later and told me. Got a hug for having the courage to confess, and the two days grounding and we all moved on. It's a different "out", but same effect - there has to be a way to back down or change your plea!

  13. I love this. And the rest of your blog. Thanks for sharing these beautiful things!

  14. I have been going through the same battle... both of my kids guzzled milk and then suddenly stopped. Funny, though, now the only way they will drink it is if I heat it up :)

    Also, I am now craving fish tacos!!! (and I'm 8 mos pregnant) I will have to hunt for that spot as I live in the same town as you. Is it near Singletons? If so, it's a great excuse to go ride the ferry.

  15. You know Katy, there's a lot of way to get a decent amount of calcium without drinking milk, if Divine really hates it. Perhaps she would like chocolate soy pudding more? ahah!
    She can eat more fish and nuts, too!

  16. MaryG-GO pronto and get yourself some of these fabulous fish tacos! They're so good, they don't even taste like fish! ;)

    Andreann-I know there are plenty of other sources of calcium, but she's one picky child, which is why we've been so frustrated. She doesn't like nut butters, or fish, or kale, or or or or or. I know there's yogurt and pudding, but she really gets too much sugar as is, so if she'll drink milk with ice, I'll take it! She also loves to heap the chocolate powder in her milk, and she'll down chocolate milk, but, there's the issue of too much sugar again. We do let her add chocolate on occasion, but would like it to be just that--occasional.

  17. If stubborness is genetic, I think I may be in trouble :)

  18. Totally agree with you there. Your girls are so pretty. I think so every time. Just thought I'd tell you this time. :) I have two girls of my own, and I'm loving every minute.

  19. I still drink milk only with ice in it!! Well except if I am using it to dunk Oreo's, then I don't drink it anyway. Everyone thinks it is gross, glad to hear I am not alone. ;)

  20. love the last photo.

    If all else fails you can put milk, ice & coloring of your choice in a blender and give her a 'smoothie'

  21. That is awesome! Thatta girl!

  22. I hope you tell me where to go get some fish tacos! I was going to ask on Sunday then forgot! I always loved loved loved my milk with ice growing up! Still do!

  23. I have to tell you that I went back to work full time recently and your blog is something I just need to look as part of my wind down each night! Love this and always love the photos of the girls and all your beautiful sewing projects.How did you get the beautiful close up? I am a terrible photographer!
    PS Not that you asked, but I am with you on the milk. If there's no health reason for it, sometimes it's just what Mommy says to do. The ice was a good idea.

  24. My son was the exact same way, except i didn't think to try ice, maybe that will work better because he fussies about chocolate milk too :( congrats!!!! on the good parenting moment!

  25. Beautiful photos as usual! I kind of envy the sun and warmth. ok, not kind of... I envy them ;-)

  26. Not that I have done any research; however, my Mom who drank milk like it may go out of style had the healthiest bones for a 60 year old. She had many other health problems, lacking calcium was not one of them. Having picky eaters is tough love of a Mom. Hang in there!

  27. Great story! And such pretty pictures of the water and of your girls!

  28. I did that when I was little too! I would drink milk ALL DAY LONG! :)

  29. Katy,
    I love the last photo of the boat masts. Could I print it and frame it?


  30. My little girl pulled the same thing with milk. Wouldn't touch it once we took away the bottle. Occassionallyh we now get her to drink it if she's in a copying mood and her older sister requests it. I'll have to try the ice...

  31. love the way you tell two stories at a time.

    ice in milk? you said some people think it's weird, but it seems like every commentor loves it.

    i can't stand drinking milk unless it is ICE COLD (but no ice), OR, if you give me a chocolate cookie, somehow i can down 3 big glasses with it.

    and I want to print & frame that one of azure. those eyes go forever and the freckles and lashes and !!!

    phew. ok... can you tell this is my first day back into blogland? :)


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