14 February 2011

Coiffured Creature

We found these giant strawberries at the grocery store this week and knew they had a higher calling to fulfill: 
dipped in chocolate.
Fingers and spatulas were licked,
but we had to wait until that chocolate hardened just a bit.  Plus we needed some ingredients for Ryan's lamb pitas.
So we took a walk.
I admired these shoots preparing for Spring.
We dug in Ryan's wallet and found some cash to take a walk on the pier.
We enjoyed the view,
we bothered the fishermen,

and we bothered the fake surfers.
To come back for an appetizer of a most appealing kind.
The weekend, however, was almost ruined for this equine enthusiast.  Azure gave Whinny a bit of a mane cut to which Pearl responded with big sobs that her heart was crushed and life was not worth living--my words, not hers.  
She finally agreed that making a hat for Whinny just might be an okay fix.  
A strapping remedy for the freshly coiffured creature. 
But, more importantly, it made my hotandcold child warm up once again, which is very important indeed for this household.


  1. It was such a wonderful weekend and the strawberries were yummy. The cap for the shorn pony is great!

  2. Lamb pitas? Yes please. Whinny looks happy in the new cap.
    We got our new laminate flooring, BTW...I will have to send you a pic sometime! It reminds me a lot of yours.
    Have a great week,
    mrs boo rad

  3. I LOVE getting these sneak peeks into your beautiful family. So glad you're loving life with those to whom you gave it!

  4. looks like the perfect weekend to me ~ especially with those beautiful blue skies!

  5. I love that pic of the ray. They are way cooler than sharks.

  6. I cant tell you enough how much I cherish your posts, they are so heartwarming, and such a great peak into your family. You do an amazing job as a storyteller, photographer, and most importantly - as a Mother. A hat - great idea!

    Thank you for sharing, this made me smile :)

  7. A hat for the horse
    and chocolate and strawberries for the humans--sounds good to me!

  8. What a great weekend! Love the horse's hat and the pictures. :)

  9. Oh, those strawberries look delicious!

  10. That little hat is just the cutest!

  11. are these strawberries ever huge!
    this all seems like an amazing weekend! thank you for sharing these sweet moments

  12. I love the 'day in the life' kind of series. Also--how awesome is that hat? I also enjoy getting to know your kids better and these photos definitely did that for me. What a bunch of cuties.

  13. Ben and I 100% approve of that hat over here.

    And I almost believed the "life not worth living" words were hers.

  14. ha haha! I horse hat! I just love it.

  15. The hat -- is stinkin' cute, as my nieces would say, and the horse is stylin. Happy belated V-day to my favorite family.

  16. Hey Katy - I stumbled upon your blog today and was instantly enthralled, as I was clicking through I saw this post and the surfer and was like oh my goodness, I think we live in the same city! Sure enough after seeing your birth story with Clover it confirmed my suspicion - we even have the same midwife, small world! I love your blog and you have a beautiful family.


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