20 January 2011

UP, Tutorial, UP!

My tutorials are finished and posted over at Project Run and Play!  Hooray!
For the Avalanche Skirt go here.
For the Furry Muff and Randomly Pleated Sash go here.

Now go, create!


  1. Yay! love the dress I voted for yours so pretty and elegant!

  2. It is truly an amazing skirt!!! Thank you so much for sharing your genius :)

  3. that blanket from ikea is my absolute favorite. when you first posted the picture I recognized it and totally thought it was it, but then I thought, maybe she just found fabric like that. Ha! I had to find out when you posted the tutorial.
    In fact we love that blanket so much we had to buy 2- one for me and one for my husband!


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