14 January 2011

Cucumber, Cool As

Today you turn the big three oh, no?
You never say too much.
Like me.
I think it might be because you don't let things get under your skin.
You're a cool cat like that.
I've always liked cucumbers.
Love you.
Happy Birthday "little" brother.


  1. He IS cool!
    Happy b-day Jake.

  2. This has nothing to do with this post...besides I guess a quick tangent--have I told you that I went to school with your sis Anne & bro Ben? And that I know Ben's Olivia? Anyway small world. Back to my original thought, just caught myself up on your blog and gosh I love this space. Such great kids and such a great mother.

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  4. This has something to do with your post. Thanks for the kind words and the array of beverages. Love you!


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