09 December 2010

Stuffed Animals. No, really, stuffed animals.

Two things I love about giveaways: o1 Giving something fun to one of you and o2 Getting to know you!  I have very much enjoyed reading the fun things about you.  You all "know" me, so it's been splendid getting to know all my great readers!  Thank you for "de-lurking" to say hello and tell me things like you only eat in even numbers, you play detective to find lost toys with your children, and that you can't stand to wear socks.  You all sound like you'd be delightful neighbors.  

* * * * *

Ryan tells him I surprise him all the time with new things he learns about me, and claims that it's not fair I can read him like a picture book, my words, not his.
 I can and do, usually, but something I didn't know about him before we were married was his other love-
 -his love of old, family-owned hardware stores.  There are two of these taxidermist product-clad stores each owned by brothers.  Ryan told one brother how he frequently shops at the other Curry Thomas across town.  The man said, Well, the next time you're there, tell my brother you've just been to a real hardware store!
 Ryan took the day off work so we could do some Christmas shopping.  We stopped at a couple of consignment stores and a thrift store and found some books and board games for our girlies 5.  Then we drove past Curry Thomas and Ryan asked if I wanted to stop.  I, meaning him.  We bought a broom and a hose nozzle.  I teased him that he just thought up things to buy so we could stop.
 His smile confirmed my suspicion. 
Our last stop was lunch at our most favorite restaurant where you have to wait in line almost too long and sit communal-style in an almost too crowded room.

And to top it off, Clover matched the wall.

What is something delightful you've learned about your spouse through the years?


  1. We've got a hardware store here that opened in the 1800s. Wanna go?
    What's your favorite restaurant?

  2. "No saggy pant..." Hahahaha... That's great!!!

  3. That sign and Clover's little belly is awesome! One day a few months after getting married I found a brown stain on our white pillowcases. I asked my husband what it was and he said "chocolate." Still a bit confused, he explained he got hungry in the middle of the night and had to eat some cookies. I had no idea he did this. :)

  4. As a farm wife, I get a bit excited to go to some of the hardware stores as well. (Not for the animals though)

    After a while I found out that my husband is afraid of aliens! At first I thought it was a joke and that he was being sarcastic, but just mentioning Fire in the Sky or signs makes him shudder! Let alone halloween masks with those big almond shaped eyes!

  5. i just want to get Clover's little belly!
    i can read my husband really well, know what he's thinking before he thinks it- he really surprised me with our recent family pictures though- he didn't gripe about it and was quite the model :O)

    (and Anna's comment above made me laugh because Joel was freaked out by Signs too, i don't think alien flicks are scary at all!)

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the No saggy pants sign! I may need to steal that. I hate the whole look of them, and I love it when I don't have to see guys underpants. My husband just gained some weight (he likes to blame it on school, but it's because he won't exercise) anyway, we've been looking for pants for him and everywhere we go they are "low rise". Ugg, it makes me sick.

  7. I love my guy and I can read him pretty well. I knew before we got married that he was just a big kid. It was not until we had kids of our own that I realized just how much he holds on to his childhood, I love love love this about him. I also learned that he is deathly afraid of boogers. (but he will wipe his baby girls nose.)

  8. pants on the ground, pants on the ground... lol. My husband has one of those terrible stuffed animals-no-really-stuffed-ANIMALS coming in the new year. I am not excited.
    I did not initially know my husband was a country boy. When I met him he lived in the deep inner city previously, and had just moved closer to my neighborhood. My dad always teased me I would marry a farm boy someday and I always shuddered and said NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. And then I'd already fallen in love with the guy before I found out he was a farm boy on the inside. And he wants to be one on the outside again someday. AND THERE IS A GIANT MCCORMICK TRACTOR IN OUR GARAGE. In the middle of the 'burbs. I kid you not. Although that does irk me (because I hate things that waste space and aren't currently useful) I have decided it might be fun to live JUST outside of town... As long as it doesn't take more than ten minutes to drive to a coffeeshop....

    After we were married I found out that my 6'5" 130lb muscleman is terrified of small lizards/snakes. Like this cute little soft gekko I got to hold at a fair? He was all girly-flail "GET IT AWAY FROM ME." rofl.

  9. *230 lb. 130lb would not be very muscular at 6'5" lol

  10. haha! that looks just like our hardware store in town. yup, im pretty sure that is our hardward store, stuffed animals and all:)

  11. What a fun day :)
    My husband and I have only been married since June so I'm sure we have lots to learn! He falls asleep way faster than me and last night I learned something. I let him sleep for like forty-five seconds and then wake him up and ask him what he's dreaming. He can tell me a dream after less than a minute of sleep! (of course dreams take only seconds to have but that's bizarre) Last night the craziest dream was him holding up a table while a crazy old lady ran around finding things to prop it up. Aren't dreams odd? So that's what I learned about him last night :) now we have a fun new game ha

  12. I didn't know how much my husband loved Christmas lights until I married him. Like so much that he spends many Saturdays in November to get them on our house. We have the best lit house in the neighborhood--and I'm not really being too biased. Seriously, there are lights everywhere, but all meticulously done, because he is a very detailed person as well. It's such a treat for me because I grew up with just a Christmas tree in my house, never any outside lights.

  13. My husband is inlove with his reciever and amplifiers. Really, if someone moves one of them, even a tiny bit, he notice right away, it's crazy!

    Oh, and he likes bath & body works stuff. Like all of our lotions are actually his.

  14. Ok, LOVE that sign. There have been so many times I've seen guys with their jocks showing and I want to go over there, smack their bums and yank those pants up! My bro in law wears them like that too. (so I restrain myself ;))
    That hardware store is the coolest thing EVER! Wish there was something like that here in Australia.
    And my hubby says he can't sing and that's why he won't sing in church... but last week I found out he had NO problem going along with his brothers and cousins for late night karaoke and from what I heard, belted out a few songs.
    xo MODELmumma

  15. Clover is too darn cute!

    Forour 10th year wedding anniversary, I took my country/small town hubby to Paris for a week. I thought he'd mostly enjoy just walking around the city and street fairs and not so much the musuems so I only planned on spending half a day at the Louvre. As soon as we got inside, he went nuts!! He took pictures of EVERYTHING (including ceilings), bought the book, a dvd, and about 1000 postcards. He kept saying, "Why didn't you tell me about this place!" Appparently my hubby is a museum nut. Good to know. We spent 2 whole days at the Louver. We've now been married 20 years and I think its time to go back to Paris.


  16. I always knew my husband loved baking, but looking at his Christmas list just confirmed it that much more. His list consists of manly things like a shotgun shelf, shells, WWII books, and then....the Martha Stewart Cookies book. Cracks me up!

  17. That last picture might be the cutest Clover picture I've ever seen! Through the years I've learned that my husband could probably live off of just carrots and apples and oranges. We go through those very quickly here! It's just really cute how excited he gets when we find an exceptional selection at the store!

  18. My hubbby...is actually cold blooded at night and it is HE who is wrapped in the down comforter once there is a chill in the air...and HE who insists on keeping it on the bed way longer than the weather man dictates:)

  19. My husband has a "Rain Man" memory when it comes to dates and time. He remembers everything... i.e. the date we ate at a certain restaurant, what day of the week it was, etc. But, he can't remember where he puts things, even if he had the item in his hands within the past five minutes.

  20. Love the photos!

    The one thing I have learned about my husband over the years is that he will eat anything and even if it's awful he will continue to eat it and not complain. I made one meal for years and years and I asked him while we were eating it if he thought it was good. He stopped eating for a moment and looked up at me and said "You know what, I don't really care for this at all. I thought we ate it because it was your favorite."

    I love that man.

  21. K Clover is the cutest little thing EVER. That last picture is adorable. (I'm diggin' those stripes pants by the way. I totally wish I could get away with wearing those.)


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