13 December 2010

o6 Things I May Never Learn

the best?  being awoken by the scent of paperwhites leaning to reach you
[except it was the baby dills who really woke us]

o1  How to take a really short shower
o2  That milk saturated cereal is infinitely easier to clean up immediately
o3  How to apply liquid eye-liner
o4 That the laundry is never done
o5  That the meaning of "no" will not be understood by our offspring
o6  That I will always be the one to replace the empty toilet paper roll

What may you never learn?


  1. That what I think is the perfect amount of food for a party is always twice as much as I need.

    That I should go to bed earlier.

    And so much more.

  2. number 2,4 & 6 are so true for me.
    even if i give Joel a new roll of toilet paper, he will use it and then set it on the floor or the back of the toilet.

  3. that cleaning up while the small dude is present is like shovelling snow while still snowing.

    that no matter how many times I tell him peas are yum he just won't eat them.

    that I do NOT like hot chocolate. I keep making one when it snows and never drink it.

    oh and soooo many more.

  4. these are fantastic-- I love number 2. So, so true.

    Hmmm, I'll keep thinking about what I may never learn.

  5. Ah Katy- I am, if I say so myself, the liquid eyeliner queen, but have you tried a gel eyeliner with a brush? so so so easy- foolproof!

  6. I can teach you a trick with liquid eyeliner - it saved me! I'll get back to you on just a few things I will never learn, right now the list is too long.

  7. Astorga Crew:

    Could I suggest you offer a public tutorial on applying liquid eyeliner?
    Katy isn't the only one who struggles with it...

    I may never learn that After Eight chocolates don't mean you can stop eating them after you've had eight. In fact, I may never learn how to say no to myself when it comes to treats I love.

  8. That cleaning hard all one day so I can sew hard all the next day never works out just like I think it should.

  9. I can totally relate. In fact I have about 7 loads of laundry I have yet to fold that I just keep putting off. I also replaced two different rolls of toilet paper today. I guess we didn't realize what we were signing up for when we had kids. But then making cookies with the kids tends to make up for all the tough stuff.

  10. I will never learn these things, either. And each one still comes as a surprise and an outrage every time. Sigh.

  11. o1 would be why is it so hard for others to cover their food while microwaving.

    o and I had my hubby install a toilet paper dispenser that the roll just slides on--now it is not just me who does the replacing:)

  12. Ah so true.

    1. that's it's apparently harder to put a rinsed dish in the dishwasher than to leave the same rinsed dish in the sink.

    2. that my house will always be cluttered. sigh.

    3. how people can steal your parking spot when you've been waiting with your signal on

  13. I will never learn that bedtime will always come as a surprise to my children...no matter the fact that it does in fact happen every night.

  14. #4 I have the same problem and I do not have kids!

    Another one... socks on the floor... and other "men" things. Like please do not drink the milk/juice straight out of the jug :( LOL.

    Hello, I love your blog! Its my first time here and I love it already. Now please excuse me while I go through and read all your posts :)

  15. Today it feels like I will never learn to not sweat the small stuff!

    PS I LOVE your blog!

  16. That the piles of paper around the house - i.e. junk mail, bills, papers to be filed - recycled - shredded, articles that my husband constantly prints off and sets upon a once clear surface - are NEVER ENDING!! This is something I will never escape, but I just keep on tryin...

  17. Your toilet paper comment reminded me of a joke:
    Question: How many men does it take to change a toilet paper roll?
    Answer: No one knows. It's never been done before.


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