22 December 2010

How Lucky is She.

 I took Divine to get her cast put on. She was visibly [and audibly] nervous.
 Once she got the splint taken off she couldn't stop scratching her arm. The first doctor told her to stop. I thought, "this is the last time she'll be able to scratch her arm for 5 weeks!"

 I had some time to work on a bracelet.  Divine commented, "You're still making those?" like it was a crime.  Or maybe she just meant it's been such a long time since I've worked on one.  Either way, the waiting I anticipated was rather unexpectedly truncated, so it didn't progress as much as I had hoped.
 I was more impressed with the cast tech than anyone else we met that day [and there were quite a few].  He even made Divine giggle, something about not doing anything to break her other arm, or just think about having to use the bathroom with two casts instead of just one.
 He did an absolutely impeccable job at both the cast and putting Divine at ease.

 The best part?  They have black. and. white. striped.
 I did not even tell Divine what to get. I think I've already engrained on my children the drastic nature of color themes in our family.
 And that arm just might fit into her dress now.  Plus she can bend it.
We are happy.


  1. Even with the cast on she looks divine! And fashionable, mind you!!

  2. What a happy ending to a not-so-happy occasion for your daughter!

  3. How cute - I Love it! And I love hearing about people who are just plain good at their job, way to go cast tech guy!

  4. Cutest cast I ever saw!- when my dad re-broke his wrist a few years back, we made him get a luminous green cast- lots of fun for buisness meetings!

  5. I love that the cast matches the outfits/theme for your christmas this year!

  6. Hooray for Divine!!! And what a cute cast tech! I bet that helped too....hehehe. It's so true that when we teach our children well they make wise decisions on their own! :-D
    And have I told you lately how silly I feel for not ever leaving a comment before? Thanks for not judging me and my insecurities! Hahahahaha!
    Can't wait to see pictures of the whole gang in black and white!

  7. Woo Hoo and it matches! Hope it heals quickly.

  8. Katy...please tell me how you transport your ruffled bead bracelet supplies. I know I could finish them faster if I could finish a little here and there where ever I may be. Do you keep all the beads and materials in a compact container? Thanks! Love that she chose black and white!

  9. Crysta, I just carry a small drawstring bag full of my current project. If you no longer have the packaging your needle came in, just tuck it in the tube of beads so it doesn't poke anyone/thing, or get bent.

  10. That's really cute :)

    You know, whenever I am prepared for a wait, there is no wait. If I have nothing to do... it's like 4 hours!

  11. just found your blog from your tutorial on another blog. your stuff is So cute & your girlies are adorable!!! went through old posts too... you now have a new blog stalker :0


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