23 December 2010

Faux Placket Tutorial--For those who love buttons, but not making buttonholes

I have this collection of buttons, of which I am far too proud, I'll admit.  I look at them and imagine what type of garment they will adorn one day, or if I will pass them on to one of my girls who will use them in her own sewing.  When we were in NY earlier this year we hit a few button shops.  I was at the checkout when my mom came and stood by me.  I whispered the obscene total I was just given and we both started laughing.  Her response: I love shopping with you.
I came up with this tutorial for those of you who love buttons as much as I, but don't necessarily love to make the accompanying buttonholes.  It's very simple, and I'm positive it will make you very happy.

o1  Begin with a pattern that doesn't have any gathering/pleats/darts in the center or the back.  Add twice the amount of the desired placket width.  I wanted a 1" placket, so I add 2" to the front center of my pattern, all the way down.

o2  Fold WRONG SIDES TOGETHER.  Stitch the width you desire your placket to be: I stitched 1".  This stitching line is the original FRONT CENTER.
o3  Open and press the placket in the center of your piece.  It makes it a little bit easier if you press your seam slightly to one side on the back first [just don't crease the fold on the front].
o4  Stitch down each side of the placket and get picking out those buttons!!  I did an invisible zipper on the back center seam, in case you were wondering how she gets in and out.
Clover was very uncooperative with this project.  She did not like this dress. 
Until I sewed the buttons on.
See?  Buttons are like multi-purpose magic.
She especially likes the teeny tiny ones.  You know, anything abnormally small around here is treated like royalty.

Do you see the "Oreo" button on the top right?
Buttons from clothes, ebay scores, bead shops, trim shops, Korea trip, gifts, inherited from mom and grandma, all
on one adorable girl.

If I do say so myself.


  1. absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it! Those buttons are fabulous! And I would have never thought of a fake placket - great job!

  2. I love the buttons... and why do little girls love anything teeny tiny?

  3. What a great idea. I'm drafting a dress at the moment and one of the bodice variations I have in my sketchbook incorporates a button placket! I was dreading sewing it (I have a bit of a mind block on button holes)but I am SOOOOO gonna do it like this now!! What a breeze!
    Happy Christmas to all The Dills!
    Portia (Miss P)

  4. Oh, this is so cute! I have some of my grandmother's buttons that I should use for something like this. Isn't it funny how little girls like teeny tiny things? Mine hoards them. Haha!

  5. Lovely photos. I really like the ones with the horse, simply precious. Great job on the dress too.

  6. Very lovely. I am one of those people that loves buttons, and hates button holes. While making cardigan for my son, I almost started making buttonholes in a double layer of ribbed knit. Luckily, I came to my senses and realized that my 2 year old had no need for functioning button holes.

    Thanks for the great tutorial.

  7. I'm not gunna lie - reading this blog confirms the fact that we are going to keep having babies til I get my little girl! Seriously though, awesome! And I love the divine twine in her hair!!

  8. Cute little jacket! I am oh so in love with the flapper button.

  9. Clover is so beautiful! I love her little pigtails and horse. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I've got a ridiculous amount of buttons and don't love making buttonholes.

  10. Adorable girl, indeed! Adorable dress, too!

  11. Oooh I love those buttons! (especially the face in the top row, the one with the circle of stars in the next row and the herringbone cloth covered one in the bottom row, and the....) They absolutly make the dress, so clearly Clover has a good design eye!

    I've never minded making buttonholes (63 for the cloth books I just spent four months making for my twins for Christmas, HOORAY for my Greist buttonholer!), but it's so lovely to be reminded that you don't always need the buttonholes to enjoy the beauty of the buttons.

    One question - when buying buttons without a specific project in mind, how many do you buy?

    Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas :-)

  12. You're a complete genius!!! I love it all - the buttons, the dress,the photography, and most of all the adorable little girl. Thanks for the idea, (I am not a big fan of button holes...) this project is perfect for me. Warm Christmas wishes to you and your dills!!!

  13. Love your babies and your magical hands :))

  14. goergeous, splendid, magnifique again! I love every single one of these buttons! and your photos are amazing again!
    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Ours will be all white as 50cm of snow felt last night. I am not sure I ever saw so much in Belgium before ;-)

  15. So CUTE. I'm glad Clover decided to like the dress in the end, because it's adorable on her! I hope you had time for Azure's dress; I don't think we've seen it here yet... I can't wait to see all of the baby Dills in their black & white together!

  16. Genius!! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  17. oooo- now I have an idea for a christmas dress for next year with all the xmas buttons i got on clearance yesterday!

    and SO easy too! THANKS

  18. OMG - GREAT idea! I have a collection of buttons too ... just waiting for a little dress to adorn! I just found your blog and I LOVE it. CUTE family! :)


  19. I adore buttons and I adore this design. One day I will work up enough courage to try one of your tutorials!

  20. OMG! So darn cute I have to try this now! L.O.V.E buttons too!

  21. i missed this one before you all came...

    adorable girl INDEED. so happy to know her adorable-ness beyond photos now.

    adorable dress/fabric/buttons/IDEA too.

  22. I´ve just discovered your blog...it´s so rich of love, art, good ideas,good feelings...
    I´ll come back !!!
    Sorry but I speak better french and spanish :-)
    Besitos andaluces


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