10 November 2010

Roaring elsewhere today!

When Cheri asked me to be a guest on her blog, I was thrilled, and as soon as I saw the picture of her hugging her floor cleaner, I knew we would be fast friends. 

I did this little refashion out of some corduroy pants I refused to part with, but also wouldn't wear [tell me you know how that goes?]  You can see my hints and tips over at I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar today.
Thank you, Cheri, for nudging me to do something out of my normal spools of comfort.  I'll play any day!


  1. I love this tutorial!
    You are so talented and inspiring. I am going to try and make it, as I have a pari of cord pant that I don't use any more.
    thanks so much!

  2. Wow - love it! Am working on upcycling clothing as well, glad to see others do it too! I love turning something I loved into something new that my kids can get more wear out of! My favorite was when I turned all of my daughters old receiving blankets into a basket for her room...was thinking of making a how to on that soon...hmmm

  3. I maybe have a pair of pleather legging-type pants that I have a similar relationship with. I somehow doubt they would have quite the same feeling if I did this refashion to them... although they would still give me the giggles in that form, too... (I strongly considered refashioning them into pleather maternity pants just because, hi, hilarious, but alas, I did not. Because you never know when you could use a pair of fitted pleather pants...)

  4. WEll my dear sweet thing...a treasure you are...love a Mumm who is resourceful and can turn a pair a cords into a fashion statement...
    your wee one is very dahling..lucky girls you have...

  5. Amazing! I have a two pairs of corduroys that have been so loved they're not proper to wear in public. After making a pattern from them, I think one pair is destined to become a jumper.

  6. Katy, you did such an amazing job turning those pants into a cute jumper.
    I also really like your labels that you are making. So fun and simple just the way I like it. :)


  7. Katy, I saw another lace skirt on another blog today...you may have already scene it, but here's the link anyway:


  8. That is an adorable jumper. Good work!!!!

  9. Okay, I love the timing of this post because I JUST bought fabric to make my son some overall/jumper-ish things and you have inspired me to get off my tailfeather and make it happen. :) Bless you!

  10. things I love about this:
    1. the cute look on your daughter's face/her waterfall hair-do (that's what we call it)
    2. your clever tags!
    3. obviously the jumper. I have BOXES of clothes I can't get rid of and pull out of the DI pile. Some are from high school...its not looking good for them.

  11. This is just adorable! I love that you kept so many of the features of the pants. I've been looking for a pair of dusty rose corduroys for 3 years now - perhaps yours are the ones I've never been able to find at Goodwill? :) I think they look far better on your little pumpkin than they would on me, anyway.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Rebekah {honeyandcheese}


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