29 November 2010

Indian Ice cream for Thanksgiving

Azure collected two bouquets for our non-traditional Thanksgiving turkey-less dinner

We took baby dills 1-4 on a 2 mile run [slash walk] on the beach to get some Starbuck's Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate followed by naps in the sand for everyone over 10.  Even Azure did a fair amount of running.

She complained the next day that her little angel hair legs were sore.  We congratulated her that she really used her muscles.  She wasn't so pleased.

We all got one bite from each Indian ice cream flavor:

The Falooda Kulfi tasted like the smell of my grandma Fae's perfume I remember from 15 years ago.

My favorite was the Chickoo.

We walked wearing t-shirts down to the tree lot to pick our perfect coniferous holiday decor centerpiece [aka our Christmas tree].  I put the lights on and only had to send Ryan 3 times to get more strands.  In my defense, 2 of them quit working after the tree was 2/3 done.  Then the baby dills got in to help trim the tree with blacks and whites.

Saturday we attended an outdoor art festival and had our fill of carnival foods and entertainment.

The prettiest produce I've seen: hydroponic butterhead lettuce

Upside down paintings of Einstein done in minutes

The fashion diva of the day

Ryan loves it when I match my accessories to his.
I'm wondering whose watch is off?


  1. we had turkey-less thanksgiving too {cause my babes are vegetarian}. we got up and walked 3 miles in support our our homeless/hungry. we went out friday and cut down our own christmas tree. sounds a bit like your weekend! and p.s. we LOVE hydroponic lettuce too....i'll be sad when our market closes down for the winter months.

  2. kera--that's amazing! All you were missing was an orange watch :)

  3. This was absolutely the most fun and restful Thanksgiving ever. Thank you young Dills for including me.

  4. Mmmmmm, funnel cake! My favorite junk food!

  5. It looks like someone forgot to Fall Back. That pomegranate looks luscious! And I love the little diva's outfit.

  6. so cute! we don't do thanksgiving here but it looked like you guys had a lovely time!

    my husband doesn't love it when I match him ^_^

    I always wait until he is dressed first, then I speed-dress myself and our baby to match ^_^

  7. On Sundays, my husband will wait until I'm dressed and then try to match his tie to my outfit. I used to think it was weird, but now I see that it's cute and thoughtful.


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