05 November 2010

Gummy Rat and Hymn Revival

My dad was always the one to make our birthday cakes.  Well, my mom made the cakes and my dad would decorate the cakes, like the time he put a giant gummy rat in a chocolate twig cage on top of my brother's cake.  It's just what they did.  Have you noticed that in relationships?  How each person has their "thing" they do?  Changing the oil in the cars, the one who makes the ice cream, the one who dusts the fan fixtures, or plans the details of family vacations, or scrubs the toilets.  It's funny how these duties unconsciously get divided up.  
Ryan is both the financial and music investor in our family.  He loves to get on itunes and sample all the different versions of songs he likes.  I'm happy to relinquish these charges to his hand as he keeps our accounts in order, refreshes our playlists, and cleans out our traveling cd collection, but when I came across this new album, I got to downloading and was delighted to surprise him with my own addition, we all like to be useful, you know?

Do you classify your music like we do:  Sunday music and non-Sunday music?  The Sunday music category is obviously more challenging to build and keep appealing and new.  Basically it is comprised of classical music and hymns.  As Sundays give us plenty of at-home-family time, our baby Dills tend to get dolled up and dance until drained of energy.  Adding to our Sunday music repertoire as you can guess is a great bonus for both the performers and the patrons.  Lower Lights Hymn Revival is just that--reviving.  The classics that we all know and love, like Sing Low, Sweet Chariot, and This Little Light of Mine, redone with a fresh voice and a Blue Grass pulse [did you just start singing them in your head?]  I was going to try to tell you which song is my favorite and sat here re-listening to the entire album, but I like them all for different reasons, so you lose and I will make you decide for yourself.

Want a sampling or to get your own?  Go here.  Or you can come over and listen to ours, but you'll have to dance, too.  

20101001_3087.jpg picture by TheLowerLights
Not only is the music fantastic, but the photography and videos of the album are phenomenal.


you're welcome.


  1. I just discovered that album and am in love :)

    In our house, Kev makes the french toast and I make the waffles. It's just how it's done :)

  2. I recently found this album as well. I've been loving it all week. It reminds me of the "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack (one of my faves) with an LDS flair. Glad to know I'm in good company.

  3. uplifting and spirit filled!
    my husband is the worship minister at a church with a blended worship service. we both love hymns and incorporating them well so this is not only a beautiful listening experience but a great resource for us. Thanks Katy!
    my dad always made the yummy pies & his special chocolate chocolate oatmeal cookies and mom made/decorated our amazing birthday cakes.
    oh the memories:O)

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am always looking for more good Sunday music (and yes, that is an actual folder in my itunes as well!). And that album is SO GOOD. Buying it now!

  5. It is so true about duties getting divied up.

    I'm excited to check out your recommendation

  6. I totally did start singing sing low sweet chariot....!!! and yes we too have "sabbath music" {we are seventh day adventists so we go to church on saturday or what we call sabbath} and non-sabbath music....we also don't watch tv on sabbath. it's nice really, a break from everyday music and tv and the hustle and bustle of life to just SLLLLLOOOWWWWWW way down for 1 day! thanks for the music recommendations!

  7. You'll never sing Count Your Blessings at church again without a little smile!

  8. I love hymn CDs (but not the praise-band ones that are so popular.) Great find. My favorite hymn CD is Deborah Liv Johnson's Softly and Tenderly...

  9. great post..so VERY VERY true!

    sandy toe

  10. oh love that music and thanks for the idea...i just made a "sunday songs" playlist on napster!
    I was wondering where that amazing dress your daughter is wearing came from...its gorgeous!

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  12. Great Christmas gift idea, thanks! Loving those tunes and pics...


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