17 November 2010

Busy Bee-ing Busy

Speaking of making gifts for the holidays,
if you're in need of some ideas,

My Puffy Bloom Tutorial was featured as an idea!
There are a plethora of potential projects,
so you ought to hop on over and take a look-see. 

I've been making some great progress over here.
I think all I need is the deadline in view and I get my productive pants on.

Wouldn't that be lovely if we could all get together
 and sew through the night into the morning,
and get inspired by each other, laugh, and eat yummy food?


  1. Yes! I wish we lived down the street. A sewing party would be divine.

  2. That would be lovely and it would give me a reason to do nothing but sew!

  3. Yep, that sounds perfect! :)

  4. A sewing bee is EXACTLY what I need! In reality I will probably not get much done before Christmas this year.

  5. same here. Sewing every minute of the day that I can. Without neglecting the children or hubby.
    Big sale this weekend.
    wish we could sew together with a few of those wonderful fizzy drinks you serve!

  6. I'll bring the food if you'll supply the inspiration (you always do).

  7. Do it! Host a sew-a-thon or something like that and people would pay money and come from far and wide to be under your tutelage! Make me first in line!

  8. something totally different....i just love your daughter's red rouched dress with side buttons. its gorgeous. did you make it yourself? do you have a tutorial or pattern? i've seen about 3 similar versions this week and am droooooling for one for my 20month old daughter. thanks
    i also like the fondue idea. pity my hubby doesnt like cheese. but will have it for sure for sure for sure with the kids. they like kids and dunking food is just so much fun. thanks again for great idea.
    becky bpbajona at maltanet dot net


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