01 October 2010

SSC Out-Takes

If you're anything like Ryan, you enjoy the out takes almost more than the feature presentation. So, enjoy my September Sewing Celebration Out-Takes.

And though my material mound needs some serious attention, as well as several other household items, I'm not entirely silent today. The lovely Jenny of The Southern Institute invited me over to her place today. Hop on over to say hello, and enjoy her cozy home.

[Scroll down to the previous post to find out who the giveaway winners are!]

not-sure-what-to-do pose

behind-our-facade-we-really-do-love-each-other pose

tired-of-trying-to-get-the-remote-to-work pose

can-we-go-home-yet! pose

who-let-this-wave-come-up-here!? pose

who-let-the-little-mop-head-out pose

i'm-delighted-about-my-new-dress,-mom pose

what-the! pose


  1. These are so funny! I'm glad you posted them. :)

  2. I do love out takes--and take out.
    And I love you.

    Congrats on your successful National Sewing month. You are amazing.

    And you have not neglected anything. You have accomplished it all--what's next?


  3. I LOVE that last one of Divine!

    And I've LOVED your month.

  4. Divine is SO fierce! ahah

    love this post!

  5. man i love your olive. i might name mine after her.

  6. The captions were as good as the photos! I always loved watching the "Bloopers" when they were on TV. Great job on all your photos and sewing projects! (I also love the comment from RD). I'm sad that National Sewing Month is over. No one does it better than you!

  7. Oh these are perfect! Such fun.

  8. Love the outtakes! And I also really like your new header photo. Great shot and color!


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