21 August 2010

Saturday Secret for You:

Hop on over here for a good chance to win one of my dad's handmade stars.  

PS He too is a big fan of clever comments...

PPS Hurry, you have through tomorrow to enter!


  1. I just went over and entered... Oh I hope I win! He's so creative!

  2. I think that is beautiful! If I win awesome, if someone else does,double awesome and I hope they enjoy! I just started reading your blogs, but U find them real, and comforting! Thank you!

  3. I would like you to visit my etsy shop if you ever have a chance. deborah2252


  4. let's close the blog for the night so that I can be your final commenter (5 is good number for you:)

  5. okay so I obviously focused on the words I wanted to see and that was...your chances are good & then I scanned down to your number of comments and thought 'oh yah'
    took me a moment to see 'enter here'

    just a wee bit tired.

  6. Yay! Thanks for posting about the giveaway! I'm so excited that I won!!

  7. I am from a tiny tiny town named Snowflake. I think you should talk your Dad into making Snowflakes too. I can just picture it now. Beautiful.


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