04 August 2010

People are more important than things

Ryan and I celebrate 10 years of marriage today. 10?  Has it really been that long/was there a time when we didn't know each other?  We're beating the odds, "they" say.   

Ryan is the level headed one.  I love it/it drives me bonkers.  When I told him I had ordered a football field of fabric he didn't blink.  When I cracked the rearview mirror on his car by parking too close to a mailbox he didn't get angry.

His perspective is focused.  People, not things, are what we ought to be tending.  I forget that. A lot.  Like the time he broke our casserole dish 9 years ago and I was so mad [do I even make casseroles?]  Sorry, love.  

What has been with us since that warm summer day 10 years ago?  

The sign that declared we were one.  I dug it out of the closet and hung it in the rain today. 

The three little Dansk vases, once shiny and gleaming, now spotted and dull.  I like them even better.

The stud finder--little did I know how much I would use that odd thing from apartment to apartment to house to apartment to house.

The green plastic paper towel holder I thought we'd use, you know, just until we got another.  I think we're both rather partial to it now. 

You.  You're more important than any thing.  Love you.


  1. My husband and I have a similar dynamic in terms of levelheadedness. I dented the side of a newly-purchased car on the mailbox and he was "glad I was okay." Enjoyed this post!

  2. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 8 years yesterday. :)

  3. So cute! Congrats! I say that at least twice a week to my kids/husband, people are more important than things!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both. :D

    (bosssanders.com)--because I don't actually blog at the ones linked in my google account.

  5. Congratulations! Beating the odds is so beautiful! (we're 9.5-and more in love today than back then) Have a beautiful day!

  6. So sweet! Happy anniversary!!

  7. What a sweet post. Happy Anniversary to you! Wishing you many more years of happiness together.

  8. happiest day!
    we just celebrated our 6th and it was the best yet.
    each year we get less shiny but more authentic-like your great little vases.
    please oh please grace us with a wedding picture or two- the sign was such a tease.

  9. 10 Years! That is worth celebrating! Happy day to you both!

  10. Happy anniversary! We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary today:-)And you are right. People are way more important than any thing.

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. congratulations! a wonderful achievment, my parents have been married 25 years next year :)

  12. That paper towel holder looks like glass in the picture--very pretty!

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!! So glad that you married the man that God had planned on you marrying.

    We pray that the people in our life stay --the stuff can be replaced.

    I love you more than any thing.

  14. I love you H O N E Y.

    I do not remeber breaking a casserol. But I am sure I did--it sounds like me.

    I do remember how much better everything has become, now that I know you.

    You do not worry--not ever--I think. I used to worry a double dose for the both of us. But you have taught me faith. It will work out. And it does.

    I love how you see things as good. Your view is: Opportunities Waiting. I am in love with you and your perspective.
    I few things about you that rounds out my view.
    1. Form trumps Function
    2. spray paint is an essential, making old new and new even better.
    3. Flowers are enjoyed cut, at bed side, a single bud is as good as two.
    4. Details--dentil molding, rounded walls, arched entrances.
    5. Little things mean a lot.
    6. Scripture Study = nourshment, and makes you glow.

    Glad you are with me as we take these fun adventures together.


  15. Wonderful tributes to both of you! Love you, TONS! And thanks for the memories.

  16. Happy tenth - and here is to another ten, at least.
    sending much love your way (as if you needed any more...)

  17. Congratulations! We are coming up on 20!

    My mother used to say that exact phrase all the time
    "people are more important than things"

    Love it!

  18. i promise i remembered it was your anniversary this morning even before seeing this! (yours is the only anniversary i remember... hmm—wonder why) but i didn't know it was the magical 10th. happy double digits!

  19. happy 10 years! i love this post...oh so true - amazing how easy it is to forget the ones we love the most! what a great reminder!

    oh, and the pirate day? awesome!! love it!

    you've just found a follower...me :)

  20. For real? You and I got married on the very same day. However, my husband and I are celebrating 10 years by packing all of our earthly possessions in a truck and driving in separate vehicles to our new home in a different state. We know how to partay! :)

    Happy Anniversary!

  21. So sweet! I love this post. When the blender we received as a wedding shower gift finally gave up and died (just this past winter after 11 years) I did NOT want to part with it. It was a blender. But it was OUR blender. Our first blender.
    Enjoy your paper towel holder. :)
    Oh, and p.s.--totally thought you were making a "my husband is a stud" reference with that studfinder...until I got to the bottom of the post ;0)

  22. Ha! You and Ryan remind me of my husband and me. Same dynamic. He keep his cool so well that I sometimes feel guilty when he doesn't get mad at me for things!

  23. Congrats! Your husband sounds so much like my husband. The best kind to have, if you ask me. Now when I hear other husbands being uptight about things I get confused...it's just so, different, from what I'm used to! Wives, on the other hand, can be uptight and I feel right at home :(


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