25 August 2010

Olive is 6

If you haven't noticed, 
we do a lot of celebrating the month of August.
Yes.  Olive is now 6.  She's moved on to hand number two.

I took all 5 of them to the grocery store to let her pick out her birthday dinner.

Yes, I have my hands full.
Yes, they're all mine 
[why would anyone take other people's kids to the grocery store?]
Yes, you may stop and stare while I try to quickly get through the store without losing anyone/having tantrums/forgetting the milk & bread.

pre-cut fruit salad
salted peanuts
Brussels sprouts

[I did add my own side dish of cheddar/chive
 biscuits to all that produce]

When she picked out Brussels sprouts, Divine made her voice heard that everybody hates Brussels sprouts.  Olive, even more determined because it was her birthday, insisted that's what she wanted [most likely to defy her sister as well as the fact that they are awfully cute--you know, anything miniature.]  Guess who LOVED them [ahem Divine].

Tip:  cut an X on the bottom and boil for precisely 6 minutes.  Butter, sea salt.

I will not be surprised if all your wishes come true, Olive, because you have charm, beauty, and determination.  That sounds like a recipe for a superstar.


  1. Happy Birthday Olive. HAHA, I have never tried brussel sprouts but I think we may have to.

  2. I had to chuckle a little when I was reading your post about the grocery store..I just got back from the store yesterday with all of mine and yes I got stopped twice bc they just HAD to know if they were all mine and to let me know that I had my hands full..Do you ever get tired of hearing that??? I get so tired of it!! Im going to make me a shirt that says..Yes they are all mine and yes they are twins and yes I know I have my hands full..Just so I can get through the store once without someone stopping me..
    Its the peoples comments sometimes that bug me..Someone once asked me "Whats wrong with you?"" after I told them they were all mine.. People can be so rude sometimes and just need to mind there own business!!

  3. happy birthday, olive!
    i have to know...what did she want for a gift(s)? i always think your girls are so cute with what they ask for! :-)

  4. was thinking on the last birthday post that its a busy birthday month for the dills. makes for an exciting august though:O)
    it doesn't get much better than a child who wants brussels sprouts for her birthday dinner.... for that she certainly deserve her wish to come true:O)
    the artichokes sound so yummy too. getting ready to fix some rhubarb crumble because you've made me hungry!
    Happy day Olive dear!

  5. I love brussels sprouts! So yummy!
    And when I am out with my five I get the exact same comments - people are very original! Although I do get lots of "good for you"s along with the gawking. We are cheap entertainment, I guess.

  6. LOL at the cheap entertainment comment!

    I get the "are they yours?" comment, even if we only have 2, because I'm 21 and look like I'm 15! (not so fun for buying "adult" things but will be flattering over time I guess...)

    What a busy month for you! Happy Bday (and belated bday) to all of them -because I missed other posts....

  7. WITHOUT fail, every single time I take all four kids to the store by myself, the cashier, or another customer says, "Wow, you've really got your hands full!" Or lately, I've been getting, "Oh bless your heart." Maybe I look like I need blessings?

  8. Oh gosh! I'm so tired of those comments from people at the store! I'm due to pop out #5 at any moment and I have to say, the comments are in full-force!

    However, ONCE a man said "you look well-staffed" and he seemed genuinely pleased, not horrified, by my kids, so I liked him A LOT.

  9. she might be my favorite. of your daughters. whom i've never met. clover is a close second (i think?).

  10. You should tell them your heart is full, not your hands. Love Olive's face on the brussel sprout pix.

  11. @Courtney-LOVE the well staffed comment. Excellent.

    @Natalie-her only real request was her own box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. We did get her a ballerina doll as well.

    @Dad-I will say that next time :)

  12. She is absolutely beautiful!!! Happy Birthday! Pur March is like your August. Wedding anniversary, and then my husband's and two older children's b-days within 10 days of eachother!

  13. Hi! I've been blog-stalking you for awhile now and thought I should leave a comment. :) I love your blog and think you do such cute things! I'm excited to read more. This comment is really inspired by the brussels sprouts. The yummiest thing ever is to layer them in a roasting pan, give them a coat of olive oil, sea salt and pepper - bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes (ish) at like 425 degrees. They are so yummy and kind of crunchy. Kind of like a healthier version of french fries.
    Thanks again for having such a cute blog!


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