11 August 2010

Azure is 4

I should really listen to heed Ryan more often.  He says ONE gift is all they need for a birthday. I agree, but then find just a few more things to wrap.  I even had Azure with me when I was shopping and she failed to notice anything I put in the cart.  When we got to the check-out stand she asked if she could have a box of tic tacs.  I said no, but snuck them onto the moving belt.  Guess what was her favorite gift.


  1. of course.
    happiest day to miss Azure and her sweet tiny toes:O)

    (also- everytime i see Ryan has commented with your google account i picture him wearing your hat and stifle a snort. thank you Mr. Dill)

  2. Cheap thrills are the best!

  3. Seriously, but at the last minute, I always feel like I need to spend a little more!

    My little brother once asked for a stick, a broom, and some rope. He got them. His best birthday ever!

  4. Oh I totally understand! All my kids need is the card and they're set! They sleep with their cards, read them until they tear apart from all the wear.

    Happy Birthday Azure...4 is a great year!

  5. happy birthday azure! And whoopee for tic tacs.

  6. You even got her the BIG PACK! What a nice mother you are. Happy Birthday!


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