18 July 2010

An Ode to Brendon

You know how sometimes when your sibling(s) would date someone who made you cringe just thinking about them?  And how everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they were out of the picture?  Then someone else would come along and just listening to your sibling talk about that person, you knew they were the one, even sometimes before they knew?  Brendon married my baby sister, Ann.  I wasn't at home during their courtship, but listening to her on the phone describe him and their dates, I knew he would be the one.  I think Ann was the last one to know, right Brendon?  I am so grateful that you two found and love each other.  You make a perfect pair.  You also make pretty amazing offspring.  Can't wait for numbero dos.  Happy Birthday.

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  1. Oh, he had me from the start!! Thanks for the lovely tribute of my love!


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