03 May 2010

There's this boy I know who loves lighthouses...

my sister jordan's eldest
Do you ever get an idea of something you want to make in your mind and then struggle to figure out how to do it?  I've had this idea for weeks and was just able to complete it.  It's actually very simple, but finding the right product, I went to every craft store and asked every employee and finally just found it myself.  [I almost thought I was going to make my million inventing it, but, alas, it really does exist already.]  Ironically, I found it at Joann's Fabric Store, and oddly, the maker (junetailor.com) doesn't even have the black flocking online.

The lighthouse silhouette--inspiration: St. Augustine lighthouse

Print this and cut out

Supplies (plus an exact-o knife)

1  Using numbers 1-5, cut out of black iron-on flocking sheets on the reverse side
2  Arrange on shirt/sweatshirt/pants of your choice.  If you need to use the lettered pieces to adjust spacing, do so, or just eye it.
3  Using the paper provided, iron about 30 seconds on high.
4  Remove plastic sheeting on cutout

You [read I] can go crazy with this stuff.  You could make those face silhouettes that everyone and their dog is doing these days, or your child's favorite fascination.  I really like the simplicity of a black graphic image.  What are you going to do?


  1. that is so cool! such a nice idea!

  2. Katy, that's really clever and cute! However, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know if you used a pattern to make your oldest daughter's baptism dress (white with orange thingies on it). That is the most original, elegant young girl's dress ever. Can you share?

  3. Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for an awesome gift idea for my MIL for mother's day. She loves lighthouses too, though I'll put hers on a tote bag. Very cool idea.

  4. Jan,
    It is an original, but check out this pattern:


    View c. You could just lengthen the sleeves to 3/4 length and add a key hole at the hem of the sleeve using bias tape.

    I made mine with linen and purchased the vine ribbon and made the orange flowers. Hope that helps!

  5. you are one AWESOME mom!! what a great idea!~

    (love, love your blog, btw!)

  6. Thanks, Katy. I can't believe it was such a simple pattern. Too easy! But what are the cute orange thingies? How did you make them? Thanks for sharing. I have absolutely no creativity/originality, but I've got copying down pat! (P.S. I would change the colors so it doesn't look just like yours - it deserves to stay one of a kind.)

  7. Jan, looks like a tutorial will have to be given ;)

  8. Oh, I was hoping, but didn't want to ask. Thanks! I will send you a pixture when I make it.


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