21 May 2010


Ryan was working in the [neighbor's!] yard last night.  I always love to be out there with him.  I brought the camera and walked around [our] yard to see what was interesting.  I thought the up close and personal shots were much more fascinating.  I'll give you $50 if you can guess what everything is before you scroll down to the next photo.  Okay, not really.  [I get it from my dad who would say, as we sat down to dinner, "I'll give anyone with their napkins on their lap a dollar!"  Once, I left my napkin on the table and put one in my lap.  So smart.]  But if you do get them all right, you can leave me a comment telling me you did and I will think very highly of you.

Heart carved by one baby dill
Cosmo grown from last year's seeds

Neighbor's tree Ryan was trimming
Liatris [thanks, dad!]

Pineapple mint--did you see the bug?
Ornamental Kale stem [trunk]
Maroon Sunflower
Frog hanging out by the front door

These are out of order:
Dead tulip who looks like a lady with a skirt
Peace Lily [thanks, Heather!]

Green Onion blossom
My peas!
Easter Lily
Freshly painted hydrant

And all evening I wondered what smelled so good.

It was me!


  1. thanks for starting my morning with a glimpse of beauty!

  2. Gorgeous photos. What kind of camera do you use?

  3. I love those gardenias. I think the white flower you cannot remember is a "Peace Lily." Great photos. You have the eye.

  4. holy professional pictures!!!! what a GREAT photographer you are!!! i guessed them ALL before looking!!! thanks for thinking highly of me!!! :) i KID i KID!!!

  5. Loved the up close and personals.
    But I think your "lupine" is a liatris.

  6. You are making this Eastern Idaho zone 3-4 girl very very jealous! Beautiful flowers and great pictures!

  7. These photos are like beautiful paintings. What kind of lens do you have?

  8. These photos are like beautiful paintings. What kind of lens do you have?

  9. How fun Katy! It sounds like a nice relaxing evening. Beautiful pictures! Love you!


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