06 May 2010

Hair Frill Fix and Fix

My 5 girls inherited my kind of curly hair.  This means curly locks one day, 5 heads of unruly hair the next.  None of this wake up and go business for us.  This also means the hair accessories are abundant--mainly the ribbons.  I've tried having one big box of ribbons: nightmare when looking for that exact shade of jade green that you know you have somewhere in the salad of ribbons.  I've tried the cork board with ribbons pinned up according to color: yeah, right.  Which baby dill is going to hang their ribbon up after they've worn it on the appropriate pin?  Below is a hybrid of both methods:  disaster.  I'm embarrassed just looking at it.  Please scroll by it quickly and don't notice the big glob of toothpaste dripping down the side of the cupboard. 

I found these at IKEA, two sets of drawers.
I left the drawers in, did a coat of white spray paint,
engraved colors (or item) on each one and corresponded the paint 
of the script with the contents

I haven't decided yet if I'll use silver on: 
clip, stretch, brush, but I kind of like the subtle white of the bottom drawers

Order is restored in the baby dill bathroom.
Now, on to the rest of the world.


  1. I love this idea for organizing! How did you do the engraving?

  2. This is BRILLIANT!! I sooooo wish we had an IKEA in Chattanooga! Everyone RAVES about it and I am left longing for the items they've purchased! I may have to peek on line! We have the same bow issue but under the sink!!

  3. You are our father's daughter! It is perfect, Katy. Do your girls follow?

  4. @MaryG--I used a Dremel tool: MultiPro 395 with a tip for wood carving and then sanded it with a medium grit to remove the wood "fuzzies".

  5. what a great idea!

  6. Genius! Like so much of what you do. I'm impressed.


    Stephanie (not Denver :)) but
    love from him too.

  7. I have two sets of these drawers under my dresser where they have been sitting for a couple of years. I keep MEANING to assemble them but I guess I need a bunch of girls to have an excuse.

  8. love your ways, Katy. toothpaste glob and all!

  9. Just like your dad. Brilliant.

  10. What tip do you use? I have a Dremel cordless and I've tried engraving before but it never works out.
    And also, how do you color you engraving afterwards? Marker? Paint?

  11. You and that dremel. I think I might just need to pick one up.

  12. New to your blog and loving it. Had never heard of a dremel before popping in here. THe tool I never knew I needed!

    Love the hair tie solution. Very stylish.

  13. Katy, seriously. I love you even more for *letting* us see the "big glob of toothpaste". You are so honest, and so "Here's me, folks!This is what ya get!" I love it!!!!

    And that box is pretty darn cute too! I'm thinking that's a good solution for when Gizmo and Gadget actually grow some hair! (I really want hair. When will they get hair??? ::cry::)


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