30 April 2010

Ruffle Raffle Winner

A bowl of buttons decided the winner for this Ruffle Raffle, although there were many who wanted to make their own Triple Ruffle Bracelet.  I do have a pattern for sale in my Etsy shop for the Single Ruffled Cuff that can easily be made into this triple ruffled cuff.  Let me know in the "notes to seller" if you are interested in making the Triple Ruffle Bracelet and I will include the modifications.


#88: Congratulations to the beautiful Madsta!  These ruffles will cross those ocean waves over to you in England!  Thank you everyone for playing--let's do this again soon!

ps stay tuned for details tomorrow on a giveaway for one of my Neck Adornments of your choice.....


  1. yay me! thank you so much what a lovely description, your too kind (i just showed my sister what I won, she isnt into ANYTHING girlie, and she liked it, this is praise indeed!):)

  2. Lucky Madsta, hooray! And Katy, of course I will post pictures. I hope they'll be worth seeing, we'll see!!


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