27 April 2010

The Rest of my Rest

hike up rock canyon

jordan always hogging the lens

see why it's called rock canyon?

the hikers olivia, jordan, ann, ashley, eli, brian

the best pregnant woman--hiking rock canyon 9 months pregnant

so sad i couldn't meet baby ivy while we were there, but she's going to be awfully tender when she comes!

blossoms, not snow!

night out with the sisters.  BEST chocolate molten cake i've eaten in my entire life.

cousin brenda!! we picked up like we had never been away from each other, though now she's living in Korea

jordan, ann, jacob, ben, ashley, me, m&d

lots of laughing

LOTS of hugging
lots of bug eyes
lots of scum and boggle

a birthday surprise

mt. timpanogos--the legend of the sleeping woman (can you see her?) *photo by jordan


  1. I loved looking at all these pictures. Family is the best! It was so good to see you. :)

  2. I've been reading your blog since I stumbled upon the AMAZING easter wardrobe you created. So Lovely!
    So- I know cousin Brenda! I'm racking my brain! Her husband is in the Air Force right?? I think she was in my ward in Oklahoma??? Help! I won't be able to think of anything else until I know! I even can hear her voice in my head!

  3. Your family looks so full of joy :). Congratulations on getting your parents back! That is most amazing. Did you know they helped me to reconnect with one of my dearest friends? They are gems.

  4. Hillarie--YES! Anyone who knows Brenda is blessed.
    Michelle--Are you talking about Yaewon? Small world.

  5. that looks so fun! i love your necklace! so beautiful, and jordan's skirt!- such a beautiful bunch, :)

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love the one with the blossoming tree and the moon.
    You are so talented with the camera. What camera do you use?

  7. I'm new to your blog... I love it, I love your pictures, your eye for beauty! Love it love it love it! Can't wait to read more!

    P.S. your family is adorable!

  8. Your family is beautiful and your photos are brilliant! Can I be adopted???? LOL Just kidding! Loving your blog

  9. I was soooooooooo sad when the photos ended. Please post MORE and of cute Ashley! She looks so radiant at nine months pregnant. What a fun Utah trip.

  10. beautiful family !! we can really feel the love through your pictures...thanks for authorizing me to translate your tutorial, i'll let you know when it's done !

  11. So, I came across your blog about a week ago...and love it! And funny, but I know Brenda as well!! Small world. We went to elementary school together, and also part of high school (in Boise). Thanks for sharing your talents!

  12. Dang, I wasn't the first one to love the moon in the blossoms-not-snow shot.

    (what I get for being amid 4000 I suppose)

    Thanks especially for capturing the birthday surprise! I was sad not to have done better to get a picture!

  13. I know Brenda must have been sooooo excited to see you. My mom was going through some old stuff in her house and she found some papers from a FHE she did when we were kids. We had to answer questions about ourselves on the paper and one of the questions was who do you admire most that is around your age and Brenda had put "my cousin Katy".
    Wish I could have been there last weekend.


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