01 April 2010

Five down, 2 to go. But really, just 1.

I'll be honest.  I'm not going to get to my new Easter outfit.  But please don't one moment feel sad for me because upon going through my closet, I found plenty to coordinate with my baby Dills.  So, now just something for the Mister.  I have tonight to finish before we're off for the weekend to celebrate living.  


This pattern [mostly] came from one of my Japanese books.  I don't know which one to tell you because I don't read Japanese, but if you really want to know, I could describe the cover.  I say mostly because I've added some of my own touches, but it was a great silhouette to begin.
This is the same fabric I used for Azure's dress last fall and there is a mere quarter of a yard left.  Love that feeling of getting good use out of a lovely morsel of material.  The eggplant accents come from my Korean ramie/linen.  

And the model?  The model!  There is something about looking at one's children through a lens.  I've enjoyed photographing each one of them during this project. The stillness to be able to see their features.  With Pearl, some of mine, but mostly Ryan's.  Her porcelain skin with the freckles and the hair!  The first three photos are exactly how they came out of the camera. 

Here's to hoping they'll actually wear my hard work!


  1. I think this dress is my favorite thus far

  2. I love the blooming hand pouch. Love the gray gingham.

    I have a bunch of different shades of grey and purplbe paint samples. I think of your Easter Garb everytime I look at them.

  3. It's all looking so beautiful! Can't wait to see the family shot of everyone together!

  4. Woo Hoo all little girls have their new dresses....hope the big girl and creator of these beautiful works of art gets hers done!

  5. Simply adorable! Love this one!

  6. I wish you would do this every week, it is so fun to see what you come up with. Lucky girls!

  7. They are all soooo beautiful that this morning I had to call my husband in to come and see your handy-work/talent. I can't wait to see the family photo.

  8. Seriously I am with Carol. Can't wait to see you all together. Just love this one too.


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