22 April 2010

Fiber Jewelry

My mom is a fiber artist.  She uses wool all the time in her projects.  She and I share a love of fabric that many don't understand [though I suspect those who read this blog just might!]  We share blogs, books, and other inspiration we find about material.  Going through fabric stores together means you can see us run our hands across the bolts just the same.  So, when I came up with this idea for a necklace [initially for one of my sisters, actually] I knew she had to have one, but don't worry about ruining her surprise, I already gave her one. 

One day I will count all the bees we have in our house.  They're just to tide me over until I am the mama to an apiary full of them.

Supplies:  100% wool roving
warm water

1  Take a thin 6'' piece of roving and begin rolling it like a ball of yarn [I used a mixture of grey and black]

2  Run under warm water and continue to roll (you could also just use a bowl of warm water)

3  Add a little bit of soap

4  Begin rolling between your hands

5  Sometimes I use a sponge to roll it on to give more friction

6  If you want a larger ball, add a little bit more roving and repeat process

*This takes PRACTICE and TIME.  Don't get discouraged if you need to readjust pieces of your roving.  Make a couple of practice spheres first to get a hang of how the roving reacts.  If you don't want a perfect sphere, just flatten with your hand before allowing to dry overnight.  I like them different shapes and sizes (which is easier to do anyway!)

Wool Pebble Necklace and Bracelet

Supplies:  Wool pebbles, twine or string, large needle (pliers are also helpful if your twine is stubborn when going through wool)

1  Cut the length you want your finished necklace PLUS a few inches, as the knots and finished knot will use up some length.  Decide where you want your first pebble to start, tie a knot, add the pebble, tie another knot RIGHT next to the pebble to keep it in place.  Repeat until pebbles are placed where desired.  

2  For the bracelet, I used stretchy cord and strung them on without knots in between.  Tie the ends and put a dab of jewelry glue on the knot.  Trim ends.

PS You could also take a shortcut and just buy wool pebbles and whip this up in no time flat!  I won't tell your mom.


  1. you are so beatiful Katy!
    so where would you buy something like a wool pebble?

  2. Ginna, Etsy is always a good place to look for things like this. One shop is:

  3. i have a bee tattoo right above my left butt cheek...but sheesh, don't tell anyone!
    i have a "thing" for bees too. :-)
    natalie @ our old southern house

  4. wow, those are lovely, i love the bracelet, you look beautiful in the picture with the necklace, simplicity :)

  5. I was asked where to find wool roving: With the popularity that it's enjoyed lately, you can find it at craft stores in small quantities. Or, once again, I'm sure someone on Etsy is selling it!

  6. I love my wool roving necklace!

  7. My in-laws just bought 50,000 bees and a hive. They also have a very expansive garden. They're going for true self-sufficiency. I'm guessing they'll bring home some livestock next. Just kidding...but not about the bees.

    What a beautiful picture of you! The jewelry goes wonderfully with the rest of your ensemble. Simply stunning. Love it!


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