26 March 2010

Three down. 4 to go.

Some bad news and some good news.

Olive now pronounces her "R"s.  
So sad.  Much sadder than is really necessary, but sad, nonetheless.

But, the good news is I finished her dress!
This is another one of my own designs/patterns 
(although the gathered belt was Ryan's idea).
All the fabric I used was from the dollar/yard table again.
I find I'm more bold in my designing when I'm using inexpensive fabric.
The sleeves and belt were made using elastic thread, you know, my new friend.


  1. COULD THAT CHILD BE ANY CUTER? Pretty sure not.
    Olive, i haven't met you yet but i think i love you.

  2. I'm a lurker...found you through Dana on MADE. I had to unlurk today to tell you that this dress is enchanting! I've loved them all but this one is just amazing! (P.S. I have three girls 2 and under and hope to have at least two more). Thanks for sharing your beautiful site and giving me daily inspiration.

  3. Super cute dress, and my she looks the little lady. I adore how you did the mutton style sleeves and the little yellow ruffle at the neckline.

  4. So very, very coutoure chic mon ami!
    Love the sleeves. Perfect match on the buttons. Who's next?

  5. I love how the ruffled collar goes up in the back! FAN.TAS.TIC!

  6. The dress is precious,
    The model is precious,
    The sewer is precious.

  7. I love it, Katy! Especially the collar and sleeves.

  8. ryan got in on the action? I love the sleeves and she is adorable!

  9. Holy cuteness. I'm sad for you that Olive pronounces her R's. I know just what you mean.

  10. THey're all beautiful, but ths one is exquisite!

  11. Like another, had to come out of the dark to tell you these dresses are unbelievable. You are so talented!

    And your girls ... !!!!



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