16 March 2010

Longing the Lone Star State

Texas was on the agenda for the weekend.  Friends from the past were to be visited and friendships picked up from hibernation.  Favorite restaurants were on the itinerary and a certain fabric store was to be rummaged.  But these didn't come to pass.  Planes delayed, decisions made, and we wound up in the iconic family vacation destination.  

Have you ever packed for 7 people?  Not easy.  Forgotten?  Clover's clothes.  Pearl's toothbrush.  Olive's underwear.  My socks.  A brush.  

Clothes were washed in the tub.
Clover got some really expensive new Mickey Mouse jammies.
Pearl's teeth went dirty [somehow she failed to notice I didn't pack her toothbrush.]
Pull-ups and borrowed undies happened.
I utilized sockless shoes.
A travel brush saved the day for dos.

In the end, it all worked out.  It usually does, doesn't it?

and we managed to squeeze in my fabric fix at IKEA 
we also came home with a dozen mice or so--the pick of the baby dills

And of course, a dose of spirituality.


  1. Way to make do! But, I need more details! What happened?

  2. I have that orange and black fabric! What will you make with yours?

  3. I don't have the orange and black fabric, do I need it?

  4. Talk about resourceful! I'm going to Texas next month! Thankfully Dallas and not anywhere near Juarez.

  5. I love that first picture of Clover with the hula hoop...those little red shoes are so cute!

    I HATE packing for trips! Kudos for salvaging the trip.

  6. You came to Dallas? Did you visit City Craft?

  7. Katherine,
    No, we didin't end up getting to Dallas. We went down to Disney World instead of risking our flight not being able to ever leave, or land somewhere we didn't want to be. We'll make it another time, I hope!

  8. I saw Dave tonight and he said you didn't make it. Go to City Craft when you come. You won't regret it. The most beautiful fabric. http://www.citycraftonline.com/


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