08 February 2010

We had the kids use the index to look up LOVE and read a scripture they found and then drew names to make Valentines for one another

 What I love about this photo:
1 Ryan is wearing my green polyester mamacita apron
2 There is a dog, a ballerina, and a princess
3 We're spreading the love
4 My chair has a booster seat in it
5 Clover is making mischief under the table

We have a few south paws around here


  1. what a delightful valentines activity! your such a creative mom, i aspire to be like you when i am a "grown up!" :)

  2. what a nice idea to do as a family!

  3. I think the poly smock is my favorite.

  4. What a great idea Katy...and just in time for Family Home Evening tonight. Thanks!

  5. So "key-ope-dah"! (that's Korean for cute)

  6. Before I started reading the post, I was looking at the picture thinking, "what in the world is this guy wearing?" haha Thought it was the new Florida style. :)

    Your Olive has the most warm, genuine and inviting eyes. She smiles with them without even cracking a smile. You're girls are the cutest!

  7. So fun. That photo speaks a thousand words. So much personality is going on at once.

    You are a good mom!

  8. I love it! Do I see some Korean knick knacks?

  9. Yes! Korean knick knacks and squash!


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