10 February 2010


I spent the morning exercising with friends then tuning and playing the harps.  It felt good.  Working and warming my muscles and my brain.  The little harp was especially out of tune and gets more abuse than actual playing.  We'll have to remedy that.  I don't play nearly enough.  We'll have to remedy that also.  When I was little I told my parents I wanted to play the harp after playing a piano trio with my sisters where I had the part of strumming the strings on the inside of the piano while one of my sisters held the keys silently.  I knew then.  My parents told me to save my money.  I did.  When I'm motivated, it's amazing what I can accomplish.  Then, after our car accident I had money from the insurance that I could use for any purpose after I turned 18.  Yep.  I got a concert grand.  I almost purchased the less expensive one, but my grandma Fae told me in a few years I wouldn't remember the difference in price, and to get the one I really wanted.  She was wise.  I have dreams of owning a home with a balcony where I can play my harp in the warm summer mornings in the fresh air.  Sounds kind of cheesy, now that I've verbalized it.

What gets neglected far too often in your life?


  1. I bet your neighbors would love that, I know I would.

    I didn't know the story behind you wanting a harp.

    That makes me miss Grandma Fae.

    Just this past week I got out my watercolor paints--they have been neglected for FIVE YEARS! I am rusty and it was a little discouraging but I am going to try and stick with it. It was so exhilarating for me before. I am actually going to go paint right this minute.

    Love you.

  2. It 's funny that you should post about this. I always wanted to play the harp but my mother had visions of me being the church organist, so I was forced to play even though I hated it and was terrible.

    When I turned 30 I decided it was finally time and I found a harp teacher and rented a harp and I LOVED it. I played for a couple of years until we moved to Texas. I still don't have a harp. Six kids kind of makes it impossible to have several thousand unused dollars sitting around. But I need to figure something out because I miss it so much.

    Sigh . . . .

  3. Sadly, my sewing machine. Maybe if I hadn't had boys first I would have kept sewing. Girls are more fun to sew for and now that I have some I am too busy (or lazy).
    But last year I made a beautiful quilt for someone, and there is fabric for two more when I make the time... Here's hoping!

  4. i've been reading your blog for a little while and i have to say, i love it. duh. i mean, who wouldn't?

    it's funny you posted this today. i have been having the same exact thoughts lately. i'm a pianist (well, i used to be!) and i haven't really played for over six years. i also enjoy playing the guitar, but sadly, i haven't played that either for about as long.

    i have visions of playing for my children and having them dance and/or sing along, but alas, they just yank on my arms and beg for their turn.

    someday... right?

    and, i might add, i had a stint where i played the harp as well. i'd always wanted to play and one summer i actually did it. i'm from california (the monterey bay) and i would drive to carmel for my lesson in the cutest little cottage with a dutch door and a beautiful garden. my teacher was the cutest little lady who had the habit of stopping my playing and taking my hand and saying "pray with me" and then she'd proceed to pray that the lord would take away her headache, or something else like that.
    i loved it.

    whoa, long comment... i got carried away...

  5. My flute. My scrap-booking. My nails.

  6. I've got sprouts sprouted on the window sill and need to cut them and sprinkle them on our salads.

  7. My cuticles, RothIRA, and the peace lillies in the entry often get the crumbs of my attention. I love the shadow of strings on the sheet music. I'm dying to know the note you wrote over that B pedal change. I am fascinated by the hand written notes musicians use on sheet music. Wouldn't you love to see Mozart's, Norah Jones's, or Eddy VanHalen's music scribblings?

  8. Heather, this is a piece that I used as the processional in a wedding and I marked different places in the piece where I could end early with the "final chord", depending on when the bride finished walking down the aisle.

  9. Incidentally...an instrument. A cello named Ophelia Si. I bought "her" with some money I won at a 5K race. But, she would de-tune herself during the middle of the night and sound like an ailing cat. I left her in the last state I lived in, and hope to upgrade someday. Right now the hammered dulcimer will suffice. But it's thick with dust.


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