04 February 2010

How I Try

Early release from school.  Pick up Taco Bell.  Pay for cups of water?  Whatever.  Picnic at the park.  Azure didn't like her pintos and cheese.  Clover did.  Forgot cinnamon twists.  Oh, snaps.  Complaints of too cold.  Back in the warm car.  Promise of hot chocolate at home.  Promise fulfilled.  Next time more coats. And hats.  Do we have hats?

P.S. One more day to enter giveaway.


  1. i think it was warmer here today than there. for once.

    but, you're all so adorable in your snugly warms. and tutus? :)

  2. LOVE that pic ... what an awesome momma. Better get to sewing those girls some hats!

  3. Oh, you do more than try, you succeed!

    We have a similarly styled coat. Sisters think alike.


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