15 February 2010

He's Learned to Simply Smile

Just one of reasons I love him so.
I buy some ghee from the local Greek grocery store.
He doesn't ask why.
He knows by now.
The fun eccentricities of marrying a woman raised by two artists.
Who has never used ghee in her life.
He just smiles.


  1. oh my gosh, though - you've got to use it! ghee makes everything taste better. try naan with ghee and poppy seeds, or some dal or curries. MMMMMMM.
    we love ghee.

  2. I'm guessing his smile looks just like the one to the left of this post? It was nice to have a visual.

    Funny, because I too, just recently learned about Ghee in the latest Saveur. Let me know what you discover.

    I'm glad Ryan lets you be you. Tell him thanks from me.

  3. love that container.
    love ghee.
    love eccentricity.

  4. I know. I have one of those guys. Isn't it the best?

  5. Ghee Whiz! Nothing better than naan slathered in ghee.
    Love the chair.


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