08 February 2010

cLOVEr and olive '09

My thoughts on love? 
(and to see a very flattering photo of me from high school)  
Click here.


  1. very relate-able thoughts. reminds me of a book a friend recommended. we all show/feel love differently. thanks for sharing.

    oh, and love that cLOVEr and oLOVE!

  2. Katy, no way no how are you in that photo from High School. It doesn't look anything like you.

  3. Susie, you're so kind. I had a lot of face chub in high school that I lost once I had my first baby. Plus, I've since learned how to pluck my eyebrows.

  4. Thanks for being part of our countdown of love, Katy!

    And, I thought you were very beautiful in high school.


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