29 January 2010

A story of numbers

 spring '08

it all begin with
1 diamond sent usps in a crackerjack box
4 houses lived in and made home
6 children born and raised
5 in-laws welcomed
9 granddaughters (plus 1 on the way)&
2 grandsons added
1 mission together
34 years
and counting.

happy anniversary.


  1. You are GOOD at math.
    Thanks for adding it all up.
    Love YOU 7!

  2. Oh thank you! Both your and I forgot our anniversary until we went to bed. Are we getting old?

  3. Cute! Happy Anniversary to them.

    Our story begins:
    1454 miles
    12 hours of agonizing confusion
    24,000 popcorn kernels
    I wouldn't have it any other way.


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