13 January 2010

I know it's wrong,

but I want to start sewing with linen already.
Do I harness self restraint and partake of the meats of the material world,
 or do I charge[!], enjoying fruit parfaits in the winter?
Who am I kidding.  
Since when do I show self restraint when it comes to fabric.


  1. Sometimes restraint is unpardonable.

  2. NEVER!!!!!!!!
    and by never I mean never show restraint!

  3. charge! if anyone could make linen work for any season, it's you.

  4. looks suspiciously like ramie to me.

  5. Do it! I made MD a winter dress out of linen. To make it warmer, I lined it with linen and dress her with a sweater and tights.

    What are you going to make with those lovely fabrics?


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