14 January 2010

Don't Tell Me You Don't,

because I know you do.  You think, I can take a whole bunch of photos because it's digital, and I can just erase the ones that I don't like.  But then you don't, because you can't decide which ones aren't worthy of viewing ever again.  

Pearl chipped her permanent tooth at school.  Bless her heart.  Thankfully Dr. P (as she referred to him) fixed her right up and will match the sculpted tooth to the other one...as soon as they're both fully in.  

I'm so bad.  I can't even erase the blurry ones. (Don't you love her little chin?)

My dad thinks these are ramie.  I don't know.  He doesn't know for sure [do you, dad?] because neither of us know Korean.  Well, he has a few very impressive phrases that roll off his tongue, but, regardless, I made Pearl a jacket with this extraordinary fabric.  While we were visiting my parents in Korea, I snatched some of this [linen, ramie?] with admiration for every color.  My mom would ask every time I handed over the won, What are you going to make with this?  I would respond with a smile and a I don't know, but mostly with a smile while my mind began sketching the projects that would suit this rigid medium.  The fabric comes in very narrow widths [as in 14"!], so I had to cut out the back in two pieces and add a seam down the center.  Then, he, he, he!  then, after I finished sewing and was picking up the scraps, I hated to throw away such lovely threads, so I randomly twisted them into a rope and rolled them into flowers for a headband.  Every last scrap.  Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezy, as my baby dills would say. Ha!  

PS I don't conscientiously set out to make all clothing with bell sleeves for her, but they're certainly becoming on her, aren't they? 


  1. Okay, first of all: Yes, I love Pearl's chin but I really love her luscious upper lip. She is gonna be breaking lots of little boy hearts!

    Second of all, she is looking so old! Especially when comparing those two bell sleeved pictures.

    Third of all, that is a gorgeous little jacket and I want one in my size.

    Fourth of all, yes, that exact conversation goes on in my head when I take photos.

    Fifth of all, beautiful photography, Katy!

    How's THAT for a comment?!

  2. How did she chip her tooth.

    Beautiful jacket and girl.

  3. beautiful girl. beautiful pictures.
    i want that headband. it is precisely the sort of thing that makes me say, 'oh, now that is lovely!'
    will you make me one?


  4. Love the jacket (and the girl is not too bad either!) Good job!

  5. Most of what Ann said was what I was going to say. So I shall say this: What Ann said.

  6. Amazing jacket and darling girl. love those freckles.

  7. i third Ann's comment.

    i chipped two permanent front teeth once. not fun.

    AND don't erase the blurry ones! especially when they look like that.

  8. Perfect Pearl pictures! And jacket!

  9. Such a beautiful girl!

    I will...uh...fifth (?) what Ann said...

  10. The jacket is beautiful. I am so glad you have three girls who can wear it AFTER Pearl.

    Do your girls pose for pictures voluntarily like this? I tried to get our kids to pose for some pics last weekend and it turned into a quick meltdown. I wonder if you have to train them young.

  11. SUPER sweet ... what a great model! Love the jacket!

  12. Oh, she is such a beauty (and the jacket). Those little roses in her hair are precious.

    I will admit that I delete very few digital photos, although the blurry ones usually do go. That B&W one of Pearl is not too blurry; her face is perfectly clear...definitely a keeper!

  13. Sparklebot,

    YES, you have to train kids to pose while they are young. My boys are quite the posers, but that's because they've know since before they can remember that they would be the subjects of Mommy's many photo shoots, period. They actually learn to like it. :-)

  14. I can't delete any photos that have Max or Kris in them. Ever. And I take way too many.
    She's so gorgeous. I really love the headband.

  15. Your creative mind is brilliant. The end.

  16. All keepers, every last one. Lovely little love.
    I want a jacket.

  17. Hi there!
    I nominated you for an award over on my blog!
    you don't have to accept it or anything--just know that I enjoy reading your blog and that it makes my day!

  18. Pearl is so pretty in these photos. I love her hair!!! The headband is beautiful and I love the jacket with the black turtleneck. It's a knockout.

  19. Beautiful girl and jacket. Sorry about the tooth. Love the button-antique? Funny how those tiny scraps can become something so lovely. You inspire us all.


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