24 November 2009

sugar + water + corn syrup + 300 fahrenheit + sticks = suckers

Growing up, there was a woman in the neighborhood who always made homemade suckers during the holidays.  It's not just that I love to eat them, but that burning of cinnamon around my mouth is a particular recollection that warms not just my mouth.  I inherited my parent's sucker molds.  Ryan found them when he was digging through the Christmas bins in search of music.  I bought some new flavors at Hobby Lobby (I find something new every time I go)  and Divine and I made three batches.

I added green edible sparkles to the stars

The beloved queen sucker molds

I went crazy

The burning of my mouth was just like I remembered

Sour Lemon

Spicy Cinnamon

Sparkly Tart Apple


  1. yes, LOVE the photos. i can almost taste that spicy cinnamon...

  2. what fabulous suckers! like lollipops right? i want to live at your house!

  3. Magical. Perfect treat for the family, and to give to others whom you need small gifts for.

  4. Ooooo, I like the sparkly stars. Great job. They all look delicious!!!

  5. I'm a sucker for suckers.
    ESPECIALLY highly flavored suckers.
    The molds remove the mold from my memory.

  6. Yes, I want to live at your house too. AND what a great idea with the apple test tasting!

  7. May I have a sucker too? Those look delicious. I really like the molds. :)


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