05 November 2009

A New Series:

The gargantuan fabric place in Seoul has fabric samples at each little booth.  I should have brought a bag just for the samples I snatched up.  Instead, I tucked them in my mom's purse (I know, I'm 30 and I still stick things in my mom's purse).  But the Korean's don't call them samples, even though most of them said SAMPLE right on them.  As with many American words they say, they add "ee" on the end (churchee, orangee).  So by the end of the trip, we were referring to them as swatchees.  "Swatchee?" we'd ask when there wasn't a sample out.  Going over our day spent collecting fabric, my mom and I would hold one up and say, "Oh, look at this swatchee, I should have gotten some of this."  SO, I am starting a new series, entitled, of course:


Ways in which I use the bag of samples I came home with (like I was going to leave a gallon size bag full of material, even if they're cut into tiny little rectangles, and all different content and color!)  I've got something in the works as we speak I write.


  1. PS But, you STILL have to show us your kiddos' costumes!

  2. I love that ee ending on everything. Your post reminds me of how when you'd buy fabric and they'd add a complimentary item in your bag and call it service or 'servicee.'

    Did they do that for you?

    Man I miss Korea! Your parents are moving into the Yongsan branch soon I hear.

  3. im kinda dim, does this mean that you are starting a new blog dedicated to your sewing projects, becasue if i have got this right i am very excited, i loved national sewing month!!!!!! if not then its an idea...?

  4. Kelly--No! I'm very sad now I didn't get any servicee.
    Madsta--You're kind, but no new blog, just occasional posts of SWATCHEE.

  5. Went to Dongaemun today with Yewon. Thought of YOU the WHOLE time. Katy, we missed so much! I keep finding more and more.

  6. Oh fun! I wish I could have been there to get some swatchees. Can't wait to see what you create.

    P.S. Thanks so much for the link to that blog. I am going to start a new book today. :)


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