03 November 2009

Happy Birthday Rashrey!

Isn't she beautiful?  Being the oldest of 6 children very close in age, Ashley had to be an Event Coordinator of sorts.  Remember the night we cut golf balls in half and strung the inner rubber bands across mailboxes to be snapped by unsuspecting cars?  Or the "itch-bomb" wars atop the 3 sycamores?  Or the countless arrow games played?  She was is a good big sister.  The best anyone could ask for.  As I raise my eldest daughter, I would be deeply delighted if she turns out anything like Ashley.

Happy Birthday, Ash.


  1. Amen! Happy day to you Rashrey!

  2. How about her running head-on into the metal gate on the side of the house?

  3. Dad, I wasn't going to mention that.

  4. I don't remember the arrow games! THANKS KATY!


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