17 November 2009

Christmas in the works over here....

Man, oh, man, am I excited about what I'm working on.  Anyone who 

a. has offspring
b. loves photography, and
c. is able to sew a relatively straight line

can certainly do this project.  Hopefully I'll finish it today, so you can get going on something homemade for the holidays.


  1. ooh, ooh I'm excited! I fit the criteria!

  2. i am very excited! i am much to young for offspring just yet, but i have sibligs! and tick all the rest! dont keep us in suspence too long, i am a christmas meglamaniac!

  3. Ooh, sounds like something I may be able to create!

  4. Christmas? We still haven't seen the rest of those Halloween costumes yet!

  5. I'm with white Lily.

    I qualify for a. b. and c. though so I'm in!!

  6. Lucky me, I know but I am excited to see!


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