08 October 2009

Little Dill Chairs

Hm.  I wonder where everyone is.

Jayne requested to see all the little Dill chairs.
My dad bestows each new grandchild with a unique little chair,
carved with their name.

We were too slow naming Clover, so she has to wait until Gromma and Grompa return from Korea to get hers carved.
She doesn't seem to mind too much.


  1. they're divine!(excuse the punn!)

  2. What a great way to make each grandchild feel special.

  3. I LOVE your chairs! I had no idea that your dad did this for you...how fun! I can only imagine the creative chair he will come up with for Clover.

  4. Seth's chair was "trop petite" and fell apart, so we're hoping Grompa will do a bit of carving for us when he gets home, too.

    My fave is Olives.

  5. what a keepsake they will always have!

  6. I love the chairs. I used to live in Korea. I wonder if they were in our military branch. We lived in Seoul on Yongsan base. We moved about 2 years ago though, so maybe not...

  7. Thanks for the picture! Those are absolutely priceless. I am seriously wishing I was a Knudsen grandchild. I like your family so much.

  8. What a great ides...what darling Grandpa gifts. My in-laws plant a new tree for every grandchild born, so each kid has a tree named after him/her at Grandma and Grandpa's house.


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