14 October 2009

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

An original by Kurt Knudsen

Me too.


  1. Well now, hold on. Not all is lost here. I think the dog is the problem. The first line of business is to get rid of the dogfood right in front of the mouse hole. That's why she has mice in the first place. And if she got rid of the dog, she wouldn't have to vaccuum so often.

    I am full of solutions.

    I've never seen a dot line dot picture before. I like it very much. What did he use to color it?I like the mottled look.

  2. I am asking myself what's on the door? A smashed spider perhaps?

  3. YES!

    That would be a big spider...yikes!

  4. No big spider. It's someone at the door.

  5. artist's response: I colored it with
    design master markers with a bit of white colored pencil highlights. The vacuum logo says Kurty nor Kirby.

  6. On the door, is the remains of someone's angry fist or her boys playing ball indoor. Am I right dad?

  7. Actually it is the 'marks' of someone knocking from the other side and the 'twisting' of the door knob.


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